6 Must Have Running Equipment

Running ranks top among the most common and oldest sport in the world.

It is a universal sport loved by most people worldwide.

Running starts at a very young age. Running is also a conditional method applied in a majority of other sports. There are people who love running with it.

For this group, running has become a preferred choice for most runners, some of whom have earned accolades on a global scale, such as Usain Bolt of Jamaica and the long distance runner, Paul Tergat of Kenya.

There are different variations of running. The variants are dependent on the distance covered.

For instance, some will run marathons such as the Boston and London Marathons which are global event with participants coming from all corners of the globe.

The fact that you are reading this post means that you too want to try out your running skills.

 People run for different reasons. Whether you want to lose the extra kilos and keep your cardiovascular system in check, or you simply want to stay fit, running will do the trick.

One important factor to keep in mind is that, as a beginner, you do not expect to cover the same distance as a pro would do.

This article is designed to help you get from 0Km to 5Kms with the right set of running equipment.


Running equipment
Experienced and professional runners are very picky when selecting the running gear or equipment to use. This is due to their knowledge on the importance of wearing the right running gear and how this equipment can affect their performance.  As a beginner, you probably lack in knowledge required to select the best running equipment or even to know what to add to your running equipment list. Before making an order on any running gear, you should first run a thorough research to know what you need and the importance of every equipment in order to have the right combination that will help you move from 0km to 5km with ease and improving on your performance.
There are a few basic and must have running accessories that you probably already have. These include a water bottle, sunglasses, headband, and reflectors.  You should also ensure that you have the right apparels to complement on the effectiveness of your running equipment. Just like in every market, some of this equipment will be expensive and out of your reach while on the other hand, some of will cost just a few dollars. It is therefore important to stick with what you need to help transform your running experience by bettering your performance.
Unlike with the common misconception that a good pair of shoes is all you need to get a good run, the right set of equipments will prove worthwhile in improving your performance. Discussed below are some of the must have running equipment for a seamless and comfortable running experience.
Compared to other training regimes, running does not require specific equipment. However, investing in the right set of equipment can give your running experience the most needed boost. When purchasing the equipment, keep in mind that fancy equipment does not make your running any better though it goes a long way in enhancing your overall performance. Even with the running devices, the only way to move from 0km to 5km is with constant practice and training.

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Choosing Running Accessories
Running, being one of the convenient sports known to man does not necessitate investing in special equipment. However, there are some essential accessories that you need to invest in for protection, improved performance and for enjoyment during your running sessions. Fortunately, most of the common running gears are not expensive and you can easily afford most of them with a decent budget and without breaking a sweat. Discussed below 7 essential running accessories to purchase.

Running is one of the best and high impact workouts. If seriously done, running provides your body with a whole lot of benefits. Whether you want to lose the extra kilos, better your endurance and transform your cardiovascular health, running with the right set of accessories will help you achieve your objectives. Most sporting activities can easily go from constructive to destructive is proper caution is not taken which is why it is important to invest in protective running gear before taking to the road.

As far as running is concerned, you must ensure you have the right gear and equipment. The wrong choice of equipment will lead to discomfort. In extreme cases, the wrong choice could jeopardize your safety. This makes choosing the right running accessories a matter of great importance. It is a sad fact that most people do not know what they should look for. With the little knowledge, they readily and unknowingly buy brand names or even select accessories off the shelf only to rue their choices when it comes to using them when running. As you already know, the wrong gear can easily bring physical activity to a sudden halt.

Just as choosing the right apparels is important so is selecting the running equipments. For instance, when purchasing your running apparels which include shoes, socks, jackets, and tights among others, the fabric used and the comfort of wearing them is just but a few of the important factors you keep in mind. The same can be said about the running equipment. Your choice is based on a number of factors.

Gadgets to Improve Effectiveness of Your Running
Technology is catching up with all aspects of our lives. Nowadays, runners are depending on gadgets to help them cover longer distances, stay fit and enthusiastic. Fortunately, there are a few inexpensive running gears that can help boost the effectiveness of your running exercises some of which are discussed below.

    1. Running watch
Ask any professional sprinter about the need to have a great wristwatch, and then you will understand how important the records are to every runner. To a splinter, every second matters, hence the need to be keen on the seconds and minutes displayed on the running watch.Currently, there is a wide variety of running watches designed to suit the sports enthusiast to have them on every time they are jogging, running, swimming, flying, diving, or even jumping. One key factor to keep in mind when selecting your running watch is to ensure it is shockproof to handle the shocks generated by the extreme body movement. You can also consider investing in a waterproof running watch to help you better your performance even in wet conditions.

If you are looking for a running watch for sprinting, make sure it meets all requirements during sprinting, such as being fitted with simple functions that include a stop watch, heart rate and steps monitor to help keep a record of your pace in relation with your heart rate. It is also possible to find a running watch that is multi-functional in that, it offers other capabilities such as MP3 music player and a GPS navigation system. As far as the cost of acquiring this piece of running equipment, most online resources provide runners with a wide range of options for researching and placing an order for the running watches.

A basic running watch comes with simple functions such as stand-by stop watch and a lap time counter to help runners keep track of their lap times and speed. If you are running to burn the extra kilos, your running watch should be able to monitor the calories burned.More advanced running watches now come with a pedometer or basically a foot pad designed to record your steps or strides to help runners keep a detailed and accurate track of their pace as well as distance measurements. Such watches use some hi-tech calibration with the runners step cadence coupled with the distance covered for better accuracy. They use a wireless technology to transmit data from the pad’s pedometer to the wristwatch.

    2. GPS Navigation
If you want to get from 0km to 5km to stay fit, then you need a GPS device to help you track your progress. The GPS navigation system, normally inbuilt into watch, makes great tools for training even If you simply want to shed few kilos.Why buy a GPS watch?
A GPS watch uses state of the art technologies to collect data. When taking your run, the GPS device will track the speed, distance, among other things to help you decide whether or not you are improving on your performance. With the information gathered, you get more than just being fit. The GPS devices allow runners to upload the information on a PC where they can analyze it and share the progress with others.

Basic Features

  •   Display – display is a key feature of your GPS and should facilitate easy reading and display essential information with great clarity.
  •   Memory – another important feature that every GPS running device must have to ensure that no data gathered while running is lost. The memory should also facilitate easy comparison of old and new records to help rate your progress.
  •  Easy to use – the controls and buttons on your GPS device should be easy to operate even when on the move.

Advanced Features

  • Heart rate monitor – This capability is used when setting the ideal heart rate for your body in an accurate manner as well as calculating the total calories burnt during your workouts.
  • Data downloads – the GPS device must facilitate the data stored to be transferred to your PC to analyze your performance. There are few models designed to connect wirelessly to your PC.
  • High-sensitivity GPS – This running equipment can help you with home in on your location even with obstacles such as the tallest building.
  • Virtual partner – your GPS running device can provide completion just in case you do not have a running buddy. It also allows you to run against a previous time record.

Advantages of using a GPS for running
Investing in a GPS running device bring a torrent of advantages to its users that can boost their performance. Below are some of the additional points to keep in mind before placing your order for the GPS.

  • Convenience: With just a push of a button, runners can track and record their run regimen and observe the data as they run.
  • Enjoyment:  a running GPS device adds variety to your everyday run simply by allowing you to measure your performance and tracking the route data.
  • Optimal Training: By providing runners with the data to hit their targeted heart rate, distance, and pace, your workout becomes more efficient.
  • Race measurement: Running a GPS device helps you to stay focused on the race run especially during competitive events. In longer and larger races you normally do not cross the start line until a few minutes have elapsed on the designated race clock. A GPS running equipment is therefore invaluable in that it helps you maintain the desired pace.

    3. Smart Watch
Music makes running fun and easier. If you yourself are looking for an MP3 running equipment to run to your favorite beat and track your workout with the ordinary GPS running watch, it means you will have to strap on a smart phone as well. The best thing about the current and trending running watches is that they are smart and are now coming with inbuilt storage and music streaming capability which means you no longer have to carry your phone with you. This is the ultimate way for you to enjoy untethered run.

As you probably already know, workouts are much easier when coupled with the favorite playlist. These claims are backed by numerous scientific studies which prove that a few killer tunes can give the much needed boost in the gym or when doing your laps round the block.
With music streaming services such as spotify, combined with Bluetooth connectivity technology, you now have an easier access to your favorite music and successfully eliminating the cumbersome wires.   If you are looking for a running watch, discussed below are some of the best offers available in the market.

Smart watches for fitness & music
While running watches have for ages now topped the list of the must have running equipment for athletes. The tables are now turning with the entry of the smart watches. Unlike with the traditional running watches, the smart watches come with the full power of apps. Choosing your smart watch means losing an in-depth statistics which include pace tracking, vertical oscillation monitoring among other pro-running data. On the other hand, you get full access to your favorite beats straight to your wireless headphones.

Besides helping you to enjoy your favorite jams while enjoying your run, other functions of a smart watch are discussed below.

  • Steps Tracker: One of the easiest known ways to boost your health and activities is by taking at least 10, 000 steps per day. Smart watches come with an in-build pedometer which makes it easy for users to see total number of steps taken during the run. However, most fitness experts will question the degree of accuracy on these pedometers.
  • Goal setting: most smart watches allow users to access built in apps designed to help them set their goals. For instance, if you want to run from 0km to 5km within a predetermined time frame, then the goal tracker will let you know how you are performing throughout the run. This way, runners get an incentive and reward themselves for meeting their set goal.
  • Workout reminder: we all know how important workouts are to us. The secret to running from 0km to 10km is through consistency. Never miss a run and the only way to do this is by setting a reminder on your smart watch.
  • Timer and Stopwatch: These are among the most commonly used features by athletes allowing them to track their performance based on time.

4. Heart Rate Monitor
Of all the must have running equipments, the heart rate monitor is by far one of the critical and must have device. These running devices are designed to help enhance your training and keep the heart rate within the right zone. Most of these devices are designed to be worn on the chest straps but must be connect via a wire to your watch to for power needed to check your heart rate.Fortunately, technology is catching up with this gear and you can now purchase emerging models using light to monitor the blood flow changes. Running with a heart monitor is proven to help boost your performance by allowing you to push and slow down upon recovery.

When purchasing a heart rate monitor, it is advisable to stick with those that are compatible with wireless technology used by other running equipment such as your GPS.

    5. Foot Pod
These are small, lightweight running devices that are designed to be clipped onto your running shoe laces to help track your steps or in case you lose your GPS while running in remote and rough terrains. The Foot Pod utilized a minute accelerometer to measure your strides hence providing more accurate measurement than you would get by using a pedometer worn on your wrist. Food pods come with wireless technology to help stream the data to your GPS running device designed to help record your track activity.

In case you already have a GPS device for running on another device, the foot pos will count the cadence and will store the data which includes your speed and distance covered just in case you lose signal on the GPS automatically. Once the foot pod calculates the placement and strides of your shoes, you can be guaranteed of high accuracy in the final data you get. For newly purchased foot pod, make sure to calibrate it on a well known distance. If using a smart phone as your GPS, it is important to invest in a foot pod compatible with the watch. Preferably, stick in ANT+ or Polar foot pods. There are no Bluetooth enabled versions currently in the market but as technology improved, you should expect them to be in the market soon.

   6. Countdown timer
If you are interested in speed running sessions based on your effort over time other than on the distance, then you will need to invest in a countdown timer. These devices vary significantly in the level of technological sophistication. Unfortunately, most of these are not so great which is why they are now rarely used. The classic version of the countdown time is designed to help you set a single time and specify whether the timer should beep and repeat a countdown upon completion of a cycle. These options offered are beep and stop and beep and count upwards. Countdown timer - RunneristUnless you want to run continuous sessions or same distance’s effort and recoveries, runners are required to keep pressing the buttons to make this timer useful to them since they are inflexible. A time that comes with programmable lengths and segments in the same running cycle.

If you want a great running session that a basic time can easily manage, you will have to do a fixed distance. With a descent countdown timer, you can comfortably cover a pre-determined distance while keeping track of your performance. Unfortunately, with the classic countdown timers, you will have to memorize your time records to compare it with each of a new run to rate your performance.