7 Reasons Why You Need to do Cardio Training

Cardio Training

There is no getting around the simple fact of life that regular physical exercise is absolutely critical to maintaining your body’s health.

This is proven time and time again through medical studies.

Although it is essential, and many people view it as a chore, there are many different and diverse ways to exercise your body.

The three main pillars of physical health are flexibility (helps prevent muscle injury and extends range of movement), strength (capability of muscles), and endurance (how long a body can sustain physical strain).

This last pillar, endurance, is built up through cardio – short for cardiovascular – exercise. In this article we will go over seven reasons why you need to do cardio training.

1. Strengthens the heart.

The heart is actually built of muscle, and like any organ in the body, it has a limited shelf life. Cardio exercise gets it pumping harder and faster – basically working out this all-important muscle so that it functions better and lasts longer. If you do not do cardio exercise, the heart will become weaker over time – just like any unused muscle – and can lead to many unpleasant disorders and diseases.

2. Increases metabolism.

Cardio training increases other bodily functions as well. Metabolism is a complex series of processes and chemical reactions that work together to power the body. Involved are hormones and enzymes that work to process food and extract nutrients. Cardio training enhances the efficiency of how your body does this, which directly impacts important health factors like weight loss.

3. Changes hormonal systems.

Hormones are vastly important in the body in vital functions such as fat distribution, energy levels, stress-relief, and general well-being. Many problems and disorders can arise when hormone systems are faulty, such as metabolic syndrome. Cardio training actually induces the release of certain hormones and works to improve the effectiveness of the hormonal system overall. Recent medical research supports the fact that regular cardio exercise actually improves the symptoms of metabolic syndrome [http://www.worldhealth.net/news/aerobic-exercise-yields-greatest-benefits-metaboli/].

4. Management of certain disease.

Cardivascular exercise is the single-most best way in which a person can grasp real control over managing certain diseases. Cardio can eliminate the symptoms of a wide range of disease, from metabolic syndrome, to diabetes, to anxiety and depression. Diabetics who undertake regular cardio exercise improve the ability of their cells’ ability to utilize glucose. Countless medical studies have also supported the fact that exercise is key for managing and even eliminating depression, in part thanks to increased oxygen, nutrient, and blood flow to the brain.

5. Disease prevention.

Becoming physically active on a regular basis is one of the best ways to fully circumvent development of many disorders such as heart disease, arthritis, and high blood pressure. Cardio also has significant effects on mental health. Studies have shown that cardio exercise releases endorphins, dopamine, and other ‘feel-good’ chemicals, as well as directly cause physiological effects that ease or eliminate chronic stress, anxiety and depression. Also, cardio exercises can be enjoyable. For example, practicing power yoga or bicycling or maybe try some boxing – but make sure you buy some boxing gloves! These are simply some of the enjoyable activities that boost confidence and inject fun into our daily lives.

6. More energy.

Regular cardio exercise actually increases base energy levels through improving muscular strength and the workings of the energy powerhouse of the bodys’ cells – the mitochondria. Cardio exercise improves cardiovascular health, which directly leads to an increase in blood and nutrient flow to muscles and organs in the body. The sum effect is that your body works better as a whole.

7. Better sleep.

Regular physical activity, and especially cardio training, has been scientifically proven to increase the quality of sleep and the length of the all-important REM stage of sleep. This means that the body recovers on a deeper level every night, leading to increased energy levels, as well as improved general well-being and cognitive functioning. The only caveat is to avoid exercising heavily in the evening, as this can be stimulating. Read: How To Get Rid Of Loose Skin After Weight Loss

The benefits to cardiovascular training far outweigh any excuses a person can think of to keep putting it off. Contrary to popular belief, many cardio exercises exist that are far from boring or mundane. For example, mixed martial arts is a cardio exercise that not only strengthens the body and improves health, but has other benefits such as increased confidence. Mixed martial arts is also one of many cardio sports that provides another critical facet of well-being – it puts us in contact with other healthy human beings. This often-ignored, yet very simple and straightforward facet of health, is a way to get and remain motivated through the relationships we build in group cardio exercises such as mixed martial arts. Now you have over seven reasons to begin cardio training, and zero excuses not to.

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