8 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make When Losing Weight

Losing Weight

If you scour the internet, there are probably thousands of thousand articles that will tell you how to lose weight or tipping you on how to loss it fast.

And there is nothing you like best than doing everything fast; after all we live in a fast paced world today. Fast food, 5- minute services, 30 second downloads, an hour surgery.

There is nothing A better than a losing weight fast promise.

Losing Weight Fast

I would be opposed to and I suppose you doctor would also, in fast weight loss. Aside from the fact that it is unhealthy losing weight fast you will begain the weight A back faster. Famous celebrities such as Jonah Hill, Kelly Preston, Carrie Fisher, and Mariah Carey are a few of those that could inspire many for pounds and pounds of weight they lost over several ways of dieting, workouts and other methods. It called the yo-yo diet, but should be called the no-no diet.

But then There Are the Not’s

The not's in dieting are those that are short-lived and are for crash weight lose purposes. Mostly they are unhealthy, have some side effects, and are not advisable. Some we will mention later.

Why You Should Lose Weight

  • Getting into shape means more confidence and better self esteem
    . This would lead to a better lifestyle and a better social life. Keeps you from cringing in social events and gives you courage as well.
  • If you're in good shape then you are healthy too. Meaning you shed all that fat that may be clogging your arteries and is stopping you from moving healthily. Losing weight also is Heart Healthy, by helping your cardiovascular system.
  • It lets you wear so many things. Yes literally many things because there are no outfit restrictions anymore. You can fit into the most coveted outfit of your favorite celebrities or you can order something online without worrying that you might be too big to fit in it.
  • You get to live a longer life. No more threats of early heart attacks, high cholesterol and other conditions related to obesity or over weight issues.

A No's in Losing Weight

AS I have said there should be things that you should know not to do in losing weight. And here are some I have done and should have not and some from my friends' experiences, so let's all learn from all of these:

Do not skip meals, especially breakfast

Food you consume during breakfast is burned all throughout the day. Plus starving in the morning might make you gobble up food during lunch. And that's a diet disaster you should avoid.

Do not eat today and not tomorrow

Same with skipping meals, only this time you do it in larger scale. But no, you will again end up getting starved and be gluttonous the next day. Plus starving might cause you nausea or you'll be light headed all throughout the day due to hunger.

Avoid eating self appointed diets

You might have missed something about it. The best way is to ask a nutritionist. Having one will help you become a good food picker without compromising your health.

Do not skip your exercise

If you think that you can go by diet alone, then you are wrong. You can't live and lose weight by diet alone. You have to get fit and work out too. They should go hand in hand and complement each other.

Avoid thinking negativities

Meaning, do not despair if you haven't shed any weight for the first week. You should know that a great part of losing weight is on the way you perceive it to succeed. You think it will work, you do it then it will work.

Avoid crash diet pills and instant slimming products

You will be doomed. Believe me, I had it for a two days and I decided to give it up. Side effects included palpitation, headache, diarrhea, light headedness and many more. Read: What You Need To Do Your 5k Running

Do not skip from one diet method to another 

It would be like botching up your routine too. Stick to one and hold it longer. When time elapsed that you put effort and it never paid off, then that's the time to consider a switch.

Do not rule out any cosmetic procedure to lose weight

Cosmetic surgeries might be jumpstart to a healthier you. If all else fails, then turn to cosmetic treatments and have it maintained after. Do not close your mind to possibilities.

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