What Is The Best GPS Unit To Use When Running?

GPS Unit
 Just when you thought it’s easy, you come across a myriad of GPS watches to choose from, each one looking better than the last. But as a runner, how do you know you’ll be choosing the one that’s right for you? The one that will fit your lifestyle?

We’ve rounded up some of the best GPS watches in the market, so all you health buffs out there will know what GPS unit to use when running.

Timex Marathon GPS Watch

 This is a great choice for all recreational runners out there. This GPS training unit’s got advanced features at such an unbelievably price. Its lithium-ion battery is rechargeable and can last up to eight hours when in GPS mode—and if you use it as just an ordinary watch? It can last for weeks.

You can monitor your speed and distance, as well as energy expended. It’s water-proof, so you can wade in the water with it if you wish. However, this unit doesn’t have a heart rate monitor, so if you’re looking for this feature, you need to shop for something else. Good deal for the features though.

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New Balance NX950 GPS Runner Watch

 This is another great option for runners looking for GPS watches in the hundred dollar-and-below price range. GPS can monitor pace, speed, and distance, and the Chronograph has a one hundred-hour work-out mode range.

It’s got six interval timers you can customize, and it’s water resistant up to fifty meters. It’s also very easy to read even when you’re on the go. It’s light, simple to use, and very comfortable to wear.

One other thing you’re going to notice about this is is that it has a very strong GPS signal, so workout tracking is going to be a breeze. Syncing the software is also very easy to do—and all instructions are included in the box.

TomTom Runner GPS Watch

 This is slightly a bit more expensive compared to the first two units we’ve shown you, but it’s got some features which might convince you to get this one instead.

For starters, the display is extra-large, making it easier to see all your running stats at a quick glance. Menus are very easy to navigate with its easy 1-button control. Training indoors isn’t going to be a hassle as you won’t be needing a foot pod for this, it comes with its own indoor tracker. It also has full-screen graphics to help you train more efficiently.

Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS Watch

 The Garmin Forerunner is a lot less expensive compared to the TomTom Runner, and it also comes in different colors: Black and silver, green and white, violet and white, black and red, orange and black, & pink and white. It’s a great choice for sporty, outdoorsy girls, and would make a great gift idea if you’re looking for one. Plus, it won’t bleed your wallet dry.

As for the features, the Forerunner’s a highly sensitive GPS receiver which can keep track of positions, calories, distance, speed and pace. It’s simple enough to operate with its buttons. The display isn’t the best in the world, as it’s not fully customizable.

The good news is the Forerunner is one of the best rated GPS watches in the market… So for those looking to buy a GPS that’s already tried and tested, this is an instant winner.

Nike+ Sportwatch GPS Powered By TomTom

 This Nike unit can track your BPM (beats per minute), distance, time, pace, speed, heart rate, and calories burned. It’s water-resistant, has a lithium polymer battery that can be charged through USB, and has a battery life of eight hours on GPS mode, and standby power can last fifty days. The price seems just about right for what it has to offer. Display is very good, unit itself is easy to use, and it’s a great motivator for you to keep working out. Can’t complain.

These are just some of the best GPS watches you can use while you’re out on one of your runs. There are plenty more to be explored in the market but these five top our list. Unfortunately, you can only choose one—so good luck with that!