Does weight loss products/ pills really works

weight loss products

It is the question we can’t answer with only yes or no. This depends on many factors from individuals, circumstances of taking any kind of weight loss supplements and from the supplement itself.

If we just pay attention on alone word ” supplement”, it means adding, not replacement as it is sometimes misunderstood wrongly. Notice that all of them have the warning which states it is not for food replacement.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not approve them as drugs. They do not give premarket allowance and revision. That is what we have, what should be is another side of the story.

As we can’t say no one ever succeeded to lose weight with supplements, pills or any drug product, that much we can’t claim they are all good for all people.

The best pills for weight loss should have those characteristics:

1. Reduce the absorption of macro nutrients,

2. Reduction of appetite,

3. Reduction of body fat and weight

4. Increasement of metabolism and thermogenesis.

5. No side effects

Usually all of them have around 10 ingredients and some of them up to 100 substances in the form of herbs, fibers and minerals.

Weight loss supplement can come as capsule, tablet, liquid and bars.

Any kind of food or medication we take could be potentially harmful to us in meaning to interfere with other medications or foods so, I consider it is no use to subscribe this harmness only to dietary supplements.

We should have one individual approach to any kind of supplement like acai berry weight loss pills, because it is something for what we need a personal, professional medical assistance. Something that can benefit to me, could be harmful to you and opposite.

Why pharmaceutical ingredients are not allowed to be part of dietary supplements is also very disscutable, but it is also the fact they are not stated by the law to be considered as healing medications of any kind.

Let us say we want to check new weight loss pill. We would need to make separation of all ingredients, to see how they act separately and to predict their behavior when they all act together. Because of too many of them in one product, eventual isolation is hard without powerful equipment and trials with humans would require a group of people with a maximum variation in their general health data and characteristics. We need to have in mind that, each substance doesn’t act the same in different blends, mixtures. If we have two products with the same kind and number of ingredients, some of ingredients could have a different type of molecular holder to connect it with bioreceptors in our metabolic pathways. Some holders are better than the other so our conclusion about quality of weight loss supplements are hugely relative and must not be generalized.

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In conclusion, it is best to follow all kind of ingredients that comes in those products in order to make good decision and to not owerthink yourself. If you read ingredient content table on your recommended top rated weight loss pills you can find those usual substances we will add more to update, so come again to check for new info in simple basis of weight loss biosubstances:

Synepherine from bitter orange — suppress appetite mildly, but it is not strongly confirmed to cause weight loss and how. Any information about that are not far away from speculations. Some people reported issues with blood pressure, chest pain or heart rate but if we take in sight we could be allergic on each fruit, those data are not factual.

Caffeine — helps thermogenesis, oxidates fat and induce nervous system. Has an effect on weight loss and if you take less than 450 mg it shouldn’t harm you.

– Calcium— it increases fat accumulation, but it is part of dietary mixtures because it slows fat absorption. Doesn’t have an effect on fat loss straightly and it has a seal of bigger clinical researching. Shouldn’t take more than 1200 mg. Warnings are connected with eventual constipation, blockades of iron and zinc absorption, but only with higher intakes.

Chitosan— picks up the digestion fat, but the effects are small. Studies are low quality. At higher intakes it may cause heart heating, expected constipation or nausea.

Chromium— metabolically it should induce lean muscle gain with fat loss, but actual effects are not researched. Could cause loss of appetite with hunger cravings so, imagine, you are not willing to eat but you have hunger cravings. This could be for those who are not exercising. Weakness, nausea or vomiting are reported with dosage above 45 mg per a day.

Coleus forskohlii gives forskolin — medical speculations are lined with appetite reduction and lypolisis. No checked reports on body weight, no harmful reports from users.

Linoleic acid — affects adipose tissue and have some minimal effect on body weight loss. Usual digestion issues reported.

Fucoxanthin— oxidates fat and suppress accumulation. Studies depended of combination with other component.

Published one medical trial with human. Effects on weight loss is not noticed. No crucial warnings.

Garcinia cambogia gives hydroxycitric acid—    appetite suppressor and lypogenesis inhibitor. Several clinical trials with no quality in methodological approach. Little possible effect on weight loss. Possible headache, and gastrointestinal symptoms regarding low food intake.


Glucomannan–Gives you the feeling of satiety, slows emptying of the gastrointestinal tract. Reported expected abdominal discomfort and other expectations because low intake.

Green coffee— s glucose pathway and cut fat accumulation. Poor methodological quality researches, but has an effect on body weight. Possible headaches and urinary tract issues.

Green tea –fat oxidant , reductor of lipogenesis. Has good clinical basics and modest outcome in body weight loss. Expected liver occupation and other complications with high intake.

Guar gum— slows gastric emptying, gives satiety. Owns the seal of good methodological approach in clinical studies. Has no direct effect on body weight. Warnings lined with digestion issues.

Hoodia from Hoodia gordonii–Supress appetite. No crucial testings in weight loss results. Expected headache, weakness and similar symptoms.

Pyruvate— hurries lypolisis. Few poor clinical trials, nothing for sure. Has possible visible effect on weight loss. You can have diarrhea, gas or lipoprotein variations.

Raspberry ketone— hurries metabolism of lipids and it is studied only with other ingredients. Visible effects are not published. No warnings reported.

White kidney bean from Phaseolus vulgaris — interacts with carbohydrates blocking accumulation. Suspicuous methodological quality research. But the possible effect on body weight is noticed. Weakness and digestion issues could be expected.

Yohimbe from Pausinystalia yohimbe, yohimbine— works as adrenaline booster. Little research for any secure conclusions.

Hypertension and other adrenaline effects could come on the road.

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