Fitbit Charge Review

Fitbit Charge

Fitbit Charge is one of the latest fitness trackers from Fitbit. Well, Fitbit is a market leader in the fitness band market as it has approximately over 66.67% market share. It is their best product in the everyday fitness category. So, you can expect world class quality and performance from this band.

Now, let’s take a look at its key features.

  1. Tracks step, distance, calories and stairs. There are many fitness trackers in the market which can track basic things like steps, distance and calories but tracking stairs is quite rare which Fitbit Charge have. It can track all these data flawlessly with the help of its 3 axis accelerometer. And it also gives you real time data, so you can look at your activity whenever you want. No need to wait until syncing.
  2. Tracks Sleep Automatically. This is one of the most outstanding features of this band. There are just one or two fitness trackers like Misfit Shine, which can track sleep automatically. Because without this the feature of tracking sleep is useless, nobody likes to manually tell a watch every night that I am going to sleep and do the same while waking up.It not only tracks your sleep time, but it also analyzes the sleep quality and how many times you woke up last night. So you can take all these data and improve your sleeping patterns, which will have a lot of impact on your health.
  3. Battery Life – It has a rechargeable lithium polymer battery. It runs up to 7-10 days. It quite higher from the industry standard of 5-6 days. You have to charge it with a USB cable which comes along with it in the box. It takes around 1.5 -2 hours to charge a completely dead battery. So all in all you would have to charge it every week.For syncing it comes with a wireless adapter to sync with your computer. If you want to sync with your mobile phone, you can do it wirelessly with Bluetooth 4.0.
  4. Display – It has got an OLED display which is found in many high end Smart phones like Samsung Galaxy S5, etc. So you can expect the best level of display quality which is not found everywhere.
    The display has also got a caller id – which will give you phone notifications directly on your band. Just like all other fitness trackers in the market it will also show you time, total steps, estimated distance, calories burned and flights of stairs.
  5. Stop watch – This is an extra feature, though it’s not required. But it’s very useful if you have one.
  6. Silent Alarm – You can set the alarm on your Fitbit mobile app and it will awake you with an awesome silent vibrating alarm.
    So it will not technically make any sound at all, as it does not have speakers. But it has a very high vibrating motor, so it will make sure that you are out of your sleep.
  7. Clock – It has a clock, which will show you time in digital format. There are many other bands in the market like JawBone UP24, etc. which does not have show time at all. So it can be a really handy feature for wrist watch lovers.
  1. Mobile App – The app designed by Fitbit is extremely robust and simple. Even your grandmother would be able to understand it in the first go.You can check everything that Fitbit Charge has tracked in the app like steps, calories, distance, etc. And even filter that data by days, weeks or months.Now, this is not something outstanding right – viewing the data the fitness tracker has tracked in the mobile phone. But analyzing that data is a complete different thing, and Fitbit had made sure that it’s a wonderful experience.The second feature that its mobile app has to offer is the goal feature, you can add goals you want to achieve in the mobile app and then compare these goals with your friends who are also using any of the Fitbit products. When you add all your friends, it will create a leader board, a community and a forum. So you can interact with your friends on totally different level.Other than these main features the app has got basic features like adding challenges, tracking your food data, integrating with apps like MyFitnessPal, etc.

So, all in all it’s a great app which is extremely simple to use. And the best part is that it Fitbit has apps for both Android and Apple.

Hence, these were the feature of the Fitbit Charge.

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Does it really have an irritation problem?

Many people have claimed that it has an irritation problem and the quality of the band is not up to the standard quality one can wear, but is that true?

There are millions of users of the Fitbit products, but only some users have found this irritation issue. You can see their hands below.

This issue was with the Fitbit Flex, and as Fitbit came with the new Fitbit Charge which is actually an upgrade for the Fitbit Flex. So they took this problem very seriously and completely revamped the material, they used to produce the belt. So, the problem now is almost resolved. And there are some people, who got this problem simply due to using a band which was smaller for their waist.

Now, let’s take a look at the cons of the Fitbit Charge.

  1. Not Water Proof – It is not waterproof. You will not be able to track your swimming, etc. data with it. So if you are in to extreme water sports or activities, think twice before buying it.Though it is water resistant, so you would be able to go out in rain, shower and wash your hands with it.If you really want a waterproof fitness tracker you can check out our review of Misfit Shine which is completely water proof and you can swim with it up to 50 meters deep in water.
  1. No Heart Rate Monitor – It’s quite sad that it does not have a heart rate monitor. Because without this it’s not possible to measure the calories burnt as accurate as possible.But Fitbit has developed an algorithm, which is not as accurate as the heart rate monitor. But it will give you a really good estimate of the calories burnt.But if you really want a fitness tracker with heart rate monitor you can check this review of Garmin Vivosoft, which comes with an inbuilt heart rate monitor or you can go for Fitbit Charge HR which also comes with a heart rate monitor.
  2. Quite Bulky – Yes it is quite bulky and it feels somewhat heavy. When you compare it with other best fitness trackers like Jawbone UP24 it seems extremely bulky. And it will always be visible, if you are wearing it with short sleeves.

Hence these were the cons of the Fitbit Charge.

Now, let’s take a look at the competition of the Fitbit Charge.

  • Nike Fuel Band SEIt is priced at around $150 while the Fitbit Charge comes at around $130. Both of these bands do not have heart rate monitor, but if you are spending $150 you can get Fitbit Charge HR at $150 and it comes with a heart rate monitor.One big difference is that Nike Fuel Band comes with Nike plus community – where you can compete with other users and have it will really motivate you, while the FitBit Charge comes with a mobile app but it doesn’t have a buzzing community like Nike Fuel Band SE.

Other than these both have quite similar features and no big notable difference.

  • JawBone UP24Jawbone Up24 is well designed and light weight while the Fitbit Charge is quite bulky. Well, both have similar features and are priced at around $130. But still there are some differences like Jawbone UP24 doesn’t have a clock, while the Fitbit have it. Jawbone UP24 has a cap which can be lost, while there are no caps in the Fitbit Charge.
  • Garmin VivosoftGarmin Vivosoft is a fitness tracker fully packed with features just like the Fitbit Charge. But the biggest and most notable difference is that the Garmin Vivosoft has a heart rate monitor while the Fitbit Charge does not have one, in spite of the fact that they both are priced at $130. So if you are looking for a fitness tracker with heart rate monitor, you should definitely check Garmin Vivosoft out.

Now let’s take a look at some testimonials:

  • Most of the users had said that the app is simple and easy to use.
  • Many users find the automatic sleep detection and the vibrating alert very useful.


After looking at all the features, pros, cons and keeping in mind that it’s priced at $130. We conclude that is a perfect buy if you are looking for an everyday fitness tracker.