Five Unhealthy Diets To Avoid For Weight Loss

Unhealthy Diets

Dieting is an essential pass time to many people.

For some it is the need to lose weight for health benefits.

Others might choose to lose weight for a wedding or other special occasion.

There are many diet plans which can be followed to assist with weight loss.

Here are Five Unhealthy Diets To Avoid For Weight Loss:

Paleo Diet

In theory, this is a simple diet; in practice it is not an easy one to stick to. The idea of a Paleo diet is to eat as much red meat as possible and not to eat anything which was available to cave men. It is designed to mimic the hunter-gatherer lifestyle. There has been plenty of research into the effectiveness of this diet. Studies have shown that it is not a good choice for anyone looking to lose weight. A side effect of the Paleo diet is an increased possibility of heart disease as the diet does nothing to protect the heart.

Also, in today’s modern times it is almost impossible to adhere to a proper Paleo diet. Cavemen had a particular way of eating the meat, a practice that it not taken into account these days. Furthermore, it is extremely difficult to find raw meat that is 100% chemical and pesticide-free. Even today’s fruits and vegetables are not the healthiest, and that’s because these too are treated with all kinds of artificial ingredients to make them look appealing for the buyer.

Blood Type Diet

The Blood Type diet dictates what should be eaten according to which blood type the dieter is. For example, a person with type O blood should eat proteins, poultry and fish whilst avoiding grains and vegetables. Unfortunately, research has found there is no truth in this. The blood type diet is incredibly complicated and near impossible to commit to long term. A dieter needs to carry a list of suitable food with them at all times and choose foods from this list. It would make shopping hard work and eating out nearly impossible. A diet which is this difficult to live by is not one which can be sustained long term.

Master Cleanse Diet

Simply replace all solid food with water, lemon and laxatives. The Master Cleanse Diet is confident that it can make people lose 20 pounds in ten days. This diet works in one sense. Not eating food for ten days will provide a weight loss. However, this weight loss will include the loss of muscle mass and the slowdown of the metabolism. This will ensure future weight loss is difficult and research has shown dieters have an increased chance of binge eating after completing the diet. It is not advisable to exercise whilst on this diet which means there is no method by which to prevent the muscle loss.

Also, this diet can’t work long term unless you choose to change your diet completely for the rest of your life. This means constantly restricting your caloric intake. Otherwise, in time you’ll gain back all the weight you struggled to lose in the first place.

Baby Food Diet

The basic version of this diet requires a dieter to eat up to fifteen jars of baby food per day. There are other variants which include being able to eat a low calorie evening meal. In essence, the Baby Food Diet is all about portion control. Obviously, being able to easily restrict your food intake to a set amount of jars means it is possible to lose weight. However, it is incredibly difficult to maintain this sort of diet. Counting the number of jars you have consumed during a day, or carrying some with you in case of hunger is not a realistic option.

This diet would also rule out the possibility of eating out. Any diet which is not sustainable is never going to be the answer to a weight loss issue. Just like with the Master Cleanse, adopting the Baby Food Diet means restricting a large number of calories on a daily basis too. Can you do that for the rest of your life? Apart from being dangerous to your health, this diet involves eating food in liquid form. This can destroy your body, not to mention that it’s not healthy for your digestive system either.

Raw Food Diet

The Raw Food diet involves eating only plant based food. These must not have been genetically altered or cooked or processed in any way. This is supposed to preserve the level of minerals and vitamins available to the body and reduce the calorie intake. In theory, this diet can assist in losing weight. Unfortunately it is an incredibly complicated diet to follow and often impossible to know if it is being adhered to correctly. It is likely a standard calorie controlled diet would have far more effect. Read: 6 Must Have Running Equipment

Losing weight is tough, no matter what type of diet you choose to adhere to. As an alternative to fad dieting, some men and women would rather take herbal supplements to shed some pounds. However, it is equally important to pick supplements that are all-natural. Last but not least, make sure to abide by a regular workout routine. Dietary supplements alone won’t make you lose weight; their main purpose is to speed up the fat burning process.

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