Getting the Most for Least payment on Exercise Equipments

Exercise Equipments

You might think to invest some exercise equipments and related accessories when you are about to start a program for weight loss.

Anyhow, you might face a big challenge if you decide to buy some exercise equipments, simply because the overwhelming selections make it extremely difficult to know which one to select and buy.

After all, you need to really understand about weight loss concept before you select your right weight loss exercise and exercise equipments.

Always remember, the best program for weight loss is letting you losing body fats, and losing body fats is definitely not equal to losing body weight.

That is why you need to choose exercise equipments that can help building your lean muscle tissue and boosting metabolism so that you can burn more calories in the long run.

Below are the exercise equipments and accessories recommended if you want to start your weight loss exercise.

Of course, you no need to buy them at once, but you can allocate your budget from time to time to have them all.

Free Weights (Dumbbells)

Free weights are exercise equipments used for strength training. You can buy with less than $150 for a good set of dumbbells that can used for dozens of exercises which help at different parts of your body muscles. You may also start with a pair of 5, 8, 10, 12 and 15 lbs weights and this is just enough to get you started your strength training.

SPRI Exercise Tubing

SPRI exercise tubing usually comes with handles and an attachment that can be fitted on an ordinary door. It contains of various colour-coded tensions, with the handles attached at either end. These exercise equipments can be used for the upper body as well as lower body by placing them around the legs.

They are lightweight and they can be used at home, at the office or on the road. So it is one of the fantastic exercise equipments as you still can enjoy your exercise and muscle build-up while traveling. And the cost is about $65 for 4 bands and 2 circles.

Exercise Ball

The exercise ball can be used for a variety of exercises and you can place emphasis on strengthen the core muscles of your body, which includes muscles at the abdominals and your lower back. They also can help improving balance and overall coordination of the body. This is one of the cheapest exercise equipments you can invest as its cost is less than $20 per ball, depending on the size.

Body Fat analyzer

Besides the above exercise equipments, you should invest a body fat analyzer if you are really serious in your program for weight loss, as it can honestly tell about your body fat and lean muscle percentage.

According to a study, it shown that 1kg of lean muscle in your body can burn 16 to 23 calories, while 1kg of body fat can burn only 1 to 1.4 calories. This means muscles can burn about 16 times more calories than body fat. That is why you need to measure from time to time when you manage to lose weight to reflect your real body composition. And I guarantee you that you will be encouraged when you see the improving results in your body composition. You can get a simple body fat analyzer in less than $40.

Heart Rate Monitor

Heart rate monitor is one the best equipments to invest. You can wear it every time you exercise, so you can have invaluable information of how your body responding to that particular exercise. And you can always adjust your exercise pace to your desired target heart rate in a fitness program, and never perform up to your maximum heart rate in any weight loss exercise. Heart rate monitor is about $40 and it is worth to have one in your program for weight loss.

New Sports Shoes

Don’t simply take out a pair of old sports shoes and get them in and start your weight loss exercise. The ancient pair might looked pretty same as you bought 10 years ago, but the support structure has been weakened over the years. Remember, your body’s alignment starts at the feet. Take care of them and your body will thank you. A good pair of sports shoes shall cost you around $80 and it is worth to invest it others than the above exercise equipments. Read: How to keep my boobs during weight loss?

If your purpose of exercise is losing weight in term of body fats, then investment of above exercise equipments is fair enough for you to start your weight loss exercise. Always know the right exercise to perform so that you can lose weight and keep it off forever.

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