How To Get Rid Of Loose Skin After Weight Loss

Loose Skin After Weight Loss

It is not just about losing fat or weight, generally because when you have hanging a skin, it is also the sign of the fact we are getting old or, we are too lazy to stop that. When you face this problem first time during some self-observation in front of the mirror, it makes you even frightened if you are not able to dismiss the constant invoking of sedentary ages in front of you. Even if we don’t have social problems with our looking appearance, we can feel embarrassed in 4 walls, especially if we lost weight rapidly. An excess skin after weight loss is much bigger problem than increased weight with fat accumulations.

Our skin is incredibly elastic and tends to follow our body shape with its stretching structures. Unfortunately, stretching process is faster than its strengthening. It can take up to a few years to strengthen. Actually, stretching of the skin is, in the fact, kind of damaging because that process might cause micro cuts which are so hard to heal.

If you want to maintain an effective weight loss

without bad consequences for your skin, take an eye on your body composition and percentages of fat and water in body for this problem.

When we take an insight into a histology diagram of the skin structures, we can notice muscle layer that strengthens it and fat layer that does stretching function. When you lose weight, this muscle layer becomes weak or disappears, leaving us those awful waves. Even if you get some fat, meanwhile, you will just get another pillow on yourself for your partner.

In order to stop skin loss or fix the damage, you must get rid of many DONTS:

Don’t tend to lose more than 2 kg per a week

Don’t expose yourself to the sun without appropriate nourishing treatment

Don’t use hot water while showering, be careful how much you use turkish bathrooms in weight loss spa centers.

Don’t use too cold water or swim in the cold area without nourishing

Don’t expose to strong detergents and any cleaning substances if they don’t have a nourishing effect.

-Don’t lose 1 kg of fat, if you will not gain half kg of muscle at least

“Strength training is MUST because only cardio exercises help gravitation to stretch the skin down.”

That is why any weight loss system is complicated process and requires one extremly serious approach.

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During any strength, cardio and diet program your body loses up to a triple quantity of the body water, so your intake should be doubled from the usual recommended dose. No matter what kind of weight loss challenge you take to follow, water intake is first to have on mind, constantly.

Fat vs muscle skin quantity

It seems the skin will not even tend to strengthen if it contains subcutaneous fat, you must first lose that “underskin” fat if you want to make the skin stronger. Calipers and other procedures to measure fat quantity can give you better insight and starting info specific for you. For a man, normal percent is around 10%, for a woman up to 19%. If the skin is thin and looks like crinkled, then it is a matter of an excess.

If you are pregnant, it is time to prepare some general knowledge about post pregnancy weight loss advices.

“In case you lose weight with only diet, starving and cardio, you will lose and fat and muscle layer what tents to the kind of physique called “skinny fat”.”

In conclusion, how to stop to loose skin after weight loss useful tips to do the best you can:

-The exfoliation improves skin circulation, but don’t use it too much in order not to get that glancing, nylon effect on the skin, which lost upper, almost transparent, protect layer and looks too much shiny.

– A bath with sea salts gives skin tone.

-Aloe vera tightens the skin and if you use it with food rich in hyaluronic acid, vitamins A,B,C, E you will get a full arsenal to fight in this battle.

-Any 500 mg of gelatin could give a hand to the skin elasticity, take it along with food or take supplements.

-Use anty- chlorine shampoos or lotions.

– Collagen and elastin are contained in specific food and it is best to take them along with food. Take up to 300 kcal of those foods after training as part of your healthy weight loss diet.

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