How to keep my boobs during weight loss?

keep my boobs during weight loss

As breasts are filled with adipose, fat tissue, weight loss means fat loss in the first place, then losing fat is the worst process for your breast size. In order to take previous state back or to improve a general composition of your breasts we need to strengthen muscles around them AND to add more fat, to target the breast area. Sounds like impossible?

If they are too heavy, breasts will sag. That is the reason why slow losing of weight is recommended especially for woman. You must follow precision weight loss program. That will give time to your skin to strengthen naturally as it tends to do so. Strengthening pectoral muscles are of crucial importance to raise your breasts up, much more if they are heavy. Those muscles can fill up the excess of the stretched skin. Don’t avoid chest exercise with weights each day or at least twice per a week.

Wearing a bra that tightens and supports properly will do first help and make sure your bra support is from plastic, not iron as it can come out from its bra shell and hurt you pretty bad.

Don’t run to hard food restrictions if you want to save your breasts from complete sagging and slimming. Allow yourself the diet, which will leave you some 10% of healthy fat.

The size and shape of your breasts change during lifetime of you don’t take care of them alternatively. They swell only during pregnancy. So, with losing weight or not, these healthy weight loss tips should give you a hand, no matter in which state are your breasts now.

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Take food diet to keep your breasts strong, healthy as it is part of all natural breast enlargement program which which is running good for weight loss

    In order to follow this diet, you need to get yourself those kind of food and to incorporate it in your daily meal. Note, if it is some herb, you just make the usual tea drink from it, if it is veggy, take it raw or boil up to 10 min or so. Fruit, of course, only raw. These are foods rich in phytoestrogens to boost your breast size:

Flaxseed and flaxseed oil


Mung beans

Bean sprouts

Chick peas



Sunflower seeds







Red Clover



Sunflower seeds

Red Clover


Olive Oil

Apricot (especially dried)

Prunes (dried)

Dates (dried)

Sweet Potatoes



Rye,Oat, Barley, Millet, Wheat, Corn, Quinoa











Winter squash


Green beans





-This program could perfectly fit with homeopathic weight loss program. When you start with this special diet be aware of some positive side effects that WILL follow. You will start feeling some kind of tickling under your skin, like someone tickles you constantly or if your body is full of some small bugs moving inside you. That is a natural signal that your body sends you in order to start lifting weights and exercising. Why? Your estrogen needs another series of reactions that are available ONLY after a workout. An exercise is a trigger to shoot out the most important substances from our endocrine glands for this process. If you don’t do so, you might suffer excessively annoying feeling long time and increased sexual desire that will, produce another set of hormones and maybe cause hyrsutisam. So, be careful.

Estrogen mechanism and the mechanism of other female hormones called androgens are complexed and all we know is, some substances improves its appropriate function. Even if you fuel yourself with a triple dose of estrogen, if you don’t have other essentials, vitamins or minerals- the process will block at first need for some biosubstance.

Another warning is, if you overtake your phytoestrogen dose or if you take the estrogen from animal source like supplement, you might experience that your own glands will stop producing it at all because they will not get the signal of a need to do it. This happens if you rely only on food solution without an exercise program. If you are under thyroid diet for weight loss this is the right thing for you.

Too much excessive sexual intercourses could lead to damage hormonal binders in the body and even when you are full with estrogens, they will not have a chance to link with their receptors in your body. A similar case could be with males regarding testosterone binders.

Those are the most simple, for better and harder program see our exercise program how to lose 5kg in 15 days. Just pay attention on chest exercises.

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