How to lose weight in 30 days

lose weight in 30 days

The infinite times we were imagining how we are doing our Favorite online weight loss programs, we have chosen from some site while surfing for the best way to attain weight loss. We saved bookmark, made a copy, glued pages on the walls in the dining room and, tried a few days to follow it and even succeeded to track it somehow to the end. But, nothing. We even got more fat on cheeks.

If there would be something to follow like blind, something to do just to show us how much we can endure to catch all reasons because we fail so we can expect them with the solution to avoid all kinds of disturbances, especially those on psychological basis. Some weight loss plan that tells you, “do exactly that and that and you will get this”,the program, 2+2 equals four. This article is something like that, more like add +1 thirty times, to get a weight loss miracle in one month divided in challenging 30 days.

Strict diet, which you must follow like a drunk is the skeleton of your success here in case you tend to wreck all 3 hour gym torture in the next 20 hour period of the day by not being able to resist junk food around you. It is easy to say more than do it so we are going to give you useful tips to hold yourself on the feet while hungry in order to not loose your weight loss motivation.

Your protein intake must be at least 1g per kg because if you lower your protein snacks, your body will start eating your own muscles to get protein fuel for metabolic pathways in usual basal bioreactions. Take around 250g in the form of food and one 100g protein intake in the form of protein bars in case your protein absorption is low. When losing weight, with proteins you can’t be in lost. In that case, if you are in doubt which protein supplement source to use, check our best protein powder for weight loss solution.

Take fiber rich food to secure yourself with the right amount of carbohydrates. You need them like fast energy fuel but, in order to get the best, lower your intake every second day. One day take around 150g, second take up to100. We can’t gain muscle, lose extra harmful fat, change it with allowed percent of good one and get carbs between tissue cells at once, not in a short period of time, that is a slow process. Now we must give our body the easiest, one by one way to have the fastest possible results in 30 days.

Water is 80% of YOU

Tthe rest is the reflection of your work and solid food choices in quality and quantity. First, with water you are going to clean yourself from poisons and to fuel, water lost while doing cardio and strength training. As you lose the triple amount of water, your intake should be at least doubled than your usual dose. Don’t go more that 3,5 liters because you can get brain edema in case you DON’T lose much while exercising. Drinking 4l gallon of a water and lying down in front of the TV could kill you. Don’t take it too cold, neither too hot and maintain the room temperature. Schedule it at least 15 min before and after meal to not mess up your food absorption and hunger cravings when taking proteins. If fatty snack gets lost in your stomach, hunt it immediately with two glasses of cold water, take 4 constipation tablets and don’t panic. Just continue, but be careful and double your cardio and strength repetitions in a gym that day. When you are sick of water change it with same amount of natural cow whey drink.

Your first week will be the hardest period, maybe in your entire life. Don’t torture yourself, all food you saw while resisting it is available to you in one day in one meal per a weak, it called “cheat meal”. What ever you want to eat, eat it at that period, only once.

-Track your results by taking photos each day whole months and don’t owerthing yourself everyday by constant observations. Difference will be only between first and last photo.

-Protein shakes and bars will help you to delegate with sugar needs while fight with hunger cravings.

-Explain your restaurant waiter to prepare your food only with high protein content and with no butter, fat cremas and other destroyable excess on your lunch plate.

-In case you lose only 0,5 to 1kg first week, don’t give up, your body is adopting new rules, your rules. Every next week you could lose more than you expect. Double your cardio on empty stomach and increase training repetitions for one third, put 1 kg more weight. Lower your carb intake on half and make it up every third day with usuall 150g.

-Egg whites, oatmeal & green veggies are unavoidable:

–    You can eat them raw, just swallow it after separating whites with no feeling taste or boil the eggs, separate whites, put little seasalt and enjoy.

–    Prepare oatmeal the night before, put it in the pot with destilled water to absorb it and hold in fridge. Tomorrow you can stire it and mix with one spoon of honey and half small spoon of cinnamon powder. If want, you can boil it more for 3 minutes before any addings.

–    Green veggies are just to boil up to 10 minutes.

An example of meal
plans for weight loss you can set to your personal required quantity for each kind of food:


    Each day: Half cup of oatmeal

    First day one cup of watermellon, each another day put another watered fruit


7 eggwhites but every other day add one yolk. If you take those quail eggs your intake quality wil be multiplied with 5, no matter they are smaller. If you are taking them, consume on empty stomach and then take the rest of the brekfast.


    1 cup of green vegetables, change every day diferent one

    chicken breasts first day, second day change with any fish, third day take lean beaf and repeat respectively.


    Fish sandwich with one can of any fish separated from oil, 3 slices of integral bread, two slices of tomatto, one leaf of lettuce and one spoon of low fat cheese. Change type of fish you take every other day and type of vegetable on tomato place. You can use lettuce or cabbage.


Protein shake, whey protein & you can use smoothie recipes for weight loss


Mix boiled chicken breasts with one sliced pepper, two leaves of lettuce, one leaf of cabbage, two slices of tomato, one spoon of low fat cheese, half small cup of white beans. Every day, change chicken meat with fish, tomato with other veggies and chose different boiled beans.

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Your cardio and weight training program is simplified in those photos and if you don’t know how to do any exercise, visit the article How to lose 5Kg in 15 days, there you have explained each exercise separately. Take cardio exercises with out weights, on the rest put weights on your ancles and wear gym jacket.

At the end of this simple course, don’t forget to write down one 30 day diary that will be your personal weight loss diary document for the best findings for the next 30 day trial with us.

Good luck!

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