How to lose weight without exercise

lose weight without exercise

In this era of modern full time occupation, we are very often faced with the time when we can’t use it for the gym or our preferred training program for weight loss. Well, we must eat and no matter what kind of fast life schedule, we need to attain, our natural physiological need for food intake is there and we must satisfy it. The only thing we can do is to approach wisely to any step in front of food consumption. We can also lose weight without exercise .

You are used on food and the easiest way to start doing something you don’t like is to start slowly, step by step. When you change the food you usually eat, your digestion is not used to absorb it in big percent. The food you are used to eat is food from which your body could absorb even 90% of nutrients. The first thing you should do is to stop eating all things you have eaten until now.

My personal recommendation among all weight loss ideas is to concentrate on water intake, teas, juices, water filled fruits and vegetables before taking any other kind of food. They will make you feel full and you will find yourself easy to fight with hunger periods.

All kinds of melons are on the first place. If you cannot resist sugar, they are enough sweet, but filled with water. Of course, you cannot eat one melon per a day, but for sure two cups of it will satisfy some 100- 200 cal for daily fruit intake. You can make juice from it, freeze it easily and make ice cubes for making your water a bit tasty instead of adding any sugar. I’m sure you will find your way to improvise.

Berries are second on the list same as agrums because they are bitter and all bitter food increases your appetite. On the other hand, if you cannot resist sweet, berry compote without sugar will do the best for you.

Agrumes are also bitter, so they increase appetite and if you add sugar, you will accumulate more fat on yourself. Dilate agrume juice with water and add mixed, fresh mentha leaves.

Cucumbers are best salad for weight loss without anything else. They contain around 80 % of water and are easy to digest.

Pumpkins are unavoidable to add to the program such is weight loss without exercise . If you can’t live without mermelade, boil pumpkin in a big pot, mix it and eat with integral bread. One integral slice of it instead of Nutella with white bread will do miracles.

It will also replace any pudding, ice cream or whipped creams.

Note: Pumpkin pie is called a “hungry pie”. Why? It is tasty with more salt and if combined with oil, pasta and some milk dressing it is a pretty caloric meal, tasty and calls you “give me more”.

If you make it with integral pasta, a bit olive oil, with no salt and any dressing you can count on something productive for you. Instead of salt and dressing, just put a few pieces of low fat Feta white cheese.

Combine to eat everything with natural cow whey drink. It is cheap and you have it in each bigger supermarket.

Natural whey drink is perfect for cleaning your liver and as a substitute for soda drinks.

Natural whey drink

Next tip are soups:

Here are plenty vegetable soups for weight loss, but those are simple, effective and easy to cook.


. One big spoon of virgin olive oil

.One carrot

.Half of the smallest spoon of ginger powder or few small, cutted slices of fresh one, that much you can handle to taste when eat.

.Sea salt

. One onion

.100 g of chicken breasts

. 100g of mushrooms

. One spoon of corn polenta


.Garlic powder

Take deep pot and put it on the heating. Cook onions, carrots, mushrooms and meat in 15 minutes. Add ginger and salt. When it starts getting yellow add 2 L of water and let it cook another 10 min. Cool it and enjoy.

This is enough for main meals in one day. It contains around 500 cal per serving and can be saved in the fridge all day.



. 250 ml of tomato sauce

. Sea salt

. Onion


.Chicken wings


.Pepper powder

.Garlic powder

.One spoon of the low fat red pepper chutney

Heat onion and carrot in oil until it gets orange. Add ginger, pepper powder, tomato sauce and add boiled chicken with water. Let it cook 15 min, cool it and enjoy.

Polenta is first to have if you are careful with adding and salt. Boil 500 g with water and make it cool in square mold roll. Cut it into slices and use instead of bread.

Here is the list of teas you can use as fat meters with special notes on green tea.

Cinnamon tea

Ginger tea

Lemon tea

Basilica tea

Oregano tea

Apple tea

Anise tea

Clove tea

Fennel tea

You can prepare all teas like cinnamon, but add in all of them cloves for better smell and taste.

If you want something more scheduled, you can use GM Indian diet in simple lines with no any unnecessary explanations:

You already know it is a 7 day diet for losing up to one kg per a day.

Day 1.

Eat only fruits which contains a lot of water. You can eat as much as you want, but only that and drink water.

Day 2.

Vegetable day when you eat only boiled veggies. Nothing else. You can add some spices like oregano, ginger and so on.

Day 3.

You can eat fruits and raw or boiled vegetables. Avoid potatoes because of too much carbohydrates.

Day 4.

You can eat up to 6 bananas, up to 4 glasses of milk and one diluted soup.

Day 5.

Tomatoes, sprouts, cottage cheese, soya chunks are the ingredients for a soup meal today. Make something tasty from it and increase water intake for ¼.

Day 6.

Soup for this day is made from sprouts, cottage cheese and other vegetables except tomatoes. Increase water also.

Day 7.

Take fruit juice, vegetables (raw or boiled) and rice.

That is it! All other things are similar like in any other diet: don’t multiply your portions with 10 to cheat, make scheduled meals, avoid alcohol and any junk foods.

Any low intake program for obese persons is usually very radical for them. For those individuals it is like you put them in some concentration camp and left them starving.

This is why:

Our brain center for appetite sends us signals for hunger. If a person is used to frequent and higher intake, any period of hunger will be extremely hard to endure because deep headaches, vertigo and many others body strikes in this case.

In this part it is important to understand the difference between true or false hunger signals. Especially obese ones, tend to experience the sensation for high energy food, even when they are full of accumulated fat reserves in their body. True hunger sensation is justified to be satisfied only in those cases when it is not recognized as an actual body signal for something else, what we call as “false hunger”.

We have 10 false hunger circumstances when we can delegate with food:

LOW BLOOD SUGAR SIGNALS- When you stop thinking about food for about 15 minutes and sustain from taking any food, your hunger disappears, it just means, you have just had changes in sugar level in your blood. Basics of sugar metabolism and how to re-educe it is special topic will discuss in another article. Anyways, optimal blood sugar value gives us that energetic feeling when we have no need for food, otherwise, we feel lethargic, hungry or satiated.


Due to the wrong food combinations or wrong liquid intake, our empty stomach gives us gnawing discomfort we call hunger pangs and has nothing to do with true hunger.

3.ADDICTIONS- We want or not, our metabolism is often addicted on some food substances like, salt, sugar, wheat food and many others. When an organism eliminates salt it, we start to get a need for salty food. When we control salt intake or intake of any substance we are used to take it more than its allowed, our hunger will be one pleasant feeling not cravings for highly poisonous substances.

4. THE DISCOMFORT OF THE BODY WHILE UTILISING ITS ACCUMULATED RESERVES- Any deficit of caloric intake causes our body to utilize its reserves. When the body is not used in accessing its own fat or when our fat contains stored toxins, we are faced with consequences of placing burdens on the elimination system which makes us to consume food.

5. “AFTER HIGH OR LOW PERIODS”- Any maximum or minimum of blood substances causes an immediate opposite, which causes our sensations in good or bad feeling for food. When we understand those ups and downs we can easily understand what our body is doing inside and so we can manipulate with our desires.

6. HABIT- Used on eating foods with a low-nutrient or high-calorie content creates constant hunger for those foods in order to fill in with essentials. When we solve problem with fatty acids, vitamins and minerals and correct their levels, our hunger sensations respectively changes.

7. TIREDNESS – We often mix our need for rest with hunger need. Taking caffeine when we are tired, especially after sugar rich food, delays expected sugar down for hours with feeling tension only and we are starving for food instead to just have a rest. Also, it is bad for high blood pressure.

8. THINKING, SMELLING & LOOKING AT FOOD– Those actions are actually starters for realizing hormones and trigger in the metabolic process to assimilate that specific food, we think about, smell or looking at. When we remove all mind distractions, hunger, feeling is delayed.

9. FACING DIFFICULT SITUATION- Any stressful moment or event might drive us to replace it with ANY joyful action, including tasty, high calorie & low nutrient food. Our motivation program is taking its role here.

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10. DISRESPECTED EATING TIME SHEDULE- If we play with our body and don’t give it to eat at the usual time, we will get the same, like some boomerang shoot, unexpected hunger periods we are not ready for.

Now, we can talk more. First action we are faced to deal with is an activity calorie calculation specific only for us. Take pan & paper and write down all kinds of activities you do during days. Here you can calculate your calorie loss for all actions you do and count it for actions like tooth brushing. Notice that even when you do nothing, your body does constantly. There we meet the term – BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) defined as the minimum number of calories your body burns whether at rest, lying down, doing nothing and sleeping.

Those are general formulas to count BMR for woman and man:

– Calculate Basal Metabolic Rate for Women

Women: 655 + (4.35 x weight in pounds) + (4.7 x height in inches) – (4.7 x age in years)

Example 1: You are a 38-year-old woman, who is 5’4″ and 142 pounds. First, convert your height into inches. 5’4″ equals 64 inches. Now include your values into the equation above.

655 + (4.35 x 142) + (4.7 x 64) – (4.7 x 38)

655 + 617.7 + 300.8 – 178.6 = 1394.9

Your BMR = 1394.9

Example 2: You are a 28-year-old woman, who is 5’7″ and 172 pounds. First, convert your height into inches. 5’4″ equals 64 inches. Now include your values into the equation above.

655 + (4.35 x 172) + (4.7 x 67) – (4.7 x 28)

655 + 748.2 + 314.9 – 131.6 = 1586.5

Your BMR = 1586.5

Calculate Basal Metabolic Rate for Men

Men: 66 + (6.23 x weight in pounds) + (12.7 x height in inches) – (6.8 x age in years)

Example 1: You are a 40-year-old man, who is 5’9″ and 175 pounds. First, convert your height into inches. 5’4″ equals 69 inches. Now input your values into the equation above.

66 + (6.23 x 175) + (12.7 x 69) – (6.8 x 40)

66 + 1090.3 + 876.3 – 272 = 1694.6

Your BMR = 1694.6

Example 2: You are a 30-year-old man, who is 5’9′ and 220 pounds. Now input your values into the equation above.

66 + (6.23 x 220) + (12.7 x 69) – (6.8 x 30)

66 + 1370.6 + 876.3 – 204 = 2108.9

Your BMR = 2108.9

When you get those values and you add that number to your daily calorie loss result, you will get an approximate calorie loss for your body.

In order to lose weight your intake should be lower than your calorie need or, at least, the same to not gain more fat. Make around 500 cal deficits per each day and don’t go to lose more than around 5 kg per a month.

At the end, make sure you introduce yourself with facts why your attempts to lose weight didn’t work until now even if you followed checked program for weight loss.

Those are just some tips from the ocean of all steps you can undertake to maintain weight loss. Whenever come up on mind to something simplified and start searching, it becomes complicated, so these are, for sure, the basics you need to know in any urgent dealing with weight loss.

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