Ladies And Gentlemen, The GPS Watch – What Does it Do?

GPS Watches Experience

Who, at this day and age, still don’t know what global positioning system technology is, or what it can do?

Well if you find yourself scratching your head in search for an answer, you’re probably more familiar with how it’s commonly called: the GPS, and this baby gets its extreme monitoring capability from twenty four satellites surrounding our planet to provide us with the exact time & location information—whenever we need it, regardless of where we are, or what the weather is.

Cool huh?

Revolutionary Technology

You can find a GPS device almost anywhere… You can see it mounted on planes and ships (if you got the right access), on yachts and smaller boats, cars, and all types of moving vehicles. It has revolutionized the way we navigate, locate, and keep track of things—and people.

But did you know the GPS can do so much more than provide you with the exact coordinates of your position? Sure, it’s great to know that with a technology like this, the chances of you getting lost had been greatly reduced… But how many times do you think you’ll get lost on your way to work right? (Well if you’re in the middle of the ocean, that’s an entirely different thing) But isn’t it awesome to find out that it can now be used to track down your progress while working out?

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Achieve Your Fitness Goals With GPS

It’s true, and you only need to look at a GPS watch to find out that this technology may just be the answer to all your fitness problems.

The GPS watch looks just like—well, an ordinary watch. But how it works is a little bit more complicated than telling you the time and telling you where you are in the world, because let’s face it, after a while it gets kinda old.

A GPS watch, has a number of features, one of them having built-in maps. But that’s already a given, so what else can it do that will convince you to get one for yourself? Keep reading to find out.

Multiple Date Field – No matter how tiny it is, its easy-to-use interface is designed to give you all the information you need, sometimes all at once—in a single field. But get this. You’ll almost always know where to look because it’s clear and organized. Everything you need is all in one glance.

Calorie Counter – now there’s no more need for you to second guess how many calories you burned while you were out running, cycling, or even swimming. This baby’s going to make you feel prouder than you already are with your progress! Also, it’s going to tell you just how many calories you consumed in a meal. It’s up to you if you’re going to be happy or annoyed with this added feature, but overall, ain’t that something?

Heart Rate Monitor – Sometimes, it’s hard to find out if you’re working yourself out too hard, and there’s no way to know if you need to slow down—except if you feel like your heart is already about to burst. A heart rate monitor tells you just when you need to make any adjustments just so you don’t end up collapsing in the middle of the gym… or the road.

Information Database – A GPS watch has an array of information to give you. Not only can it tell the time (duh), but it will also provide you stuff like your distance and speed, even the cadence.

Maximum Battery Life – You’d think that with all the features crammed in such a tiny device, it would be quick to run out of battery (it’s alright. We understand. We’re frustrated with our smartphones too), but a GPS watch is different. It’s impressive, actually, the way it can last for hours even if you’re in the middle of a triathlon. It’s maximum power at its best.

 This technology used to be classified for military use ONLY, but that was way, WAY back in the past. Now thanks to GPS manufacturers like Garmin and TomTom, the world of sports and fitness have never been more fine-tuned to get you on your way to muscle land.

 Now you know why the GPS watch is the rave among health and fitness buffs these days—maybe it’s time you get one of your own. You’ll never know how far you can go with a device like this.