Low Calorie Or Low Fat: Which Is The Better Option For Weight Loss?

Weight Loss

When you are trying to lose weight, you may be tempted to choose from different types of diets.

Some experts will tell you that a low carb diet works best for weight loss while some others will put their votes in favor of low fat diets and low calorie diets.

Over time, diets like the low fat and low carb diets have become most popular amongst diet enthusiasts.

This article will try to explain the difference between Low Calorie or Low Fat diets.

What is a low fat diet?

A low fat diet is typically a diet program that focuses on eating more carbs. However a low fat diet is not always low in calories especially if you consume carbs in excess while eliminating fats. Processed carbs may be exceptionally high in calories. On the other hand, a low carb diet usually signifies that it is rich in fats. A low carb diet may be rather difficult to sustain because this eliminates a lot of nutritious and tasty foods from your meals. Since a low fat diet mainly aims to reduce the amount of fats in your meals, you are advised to eat vegetables and fruits, other nutritious foods that are devoid of fats. All foods should basically have low glucose content to ensure that your blood glucose levels stay stable and you can lose weight in the process.

What is a low calorie diet?

When you want to lose weight through a diet, it is essential that you choose a low calorie diet program, whether it is a low fat or low carb diet. Both these diet types can guarantee weight loss provided your calorie intake is restricted. Low carb diets tend to help you lose weight faster in the first few weeks. The total amount of weight loss will however vary from one dieter to another. It depends entirely on how well you are able to sustain it. Both the low-fat and low carb diet can be either healthy or unhealthy, and this depends on the kinds of fats and carbs you consume.

Low calorie or low fat

A low calorie diet is recommended for weight loss instead of a low fat diet. Some amount of healthy fats like those derived from olive oil, nuts and seeds, avocado and animal fats from fatty fish like salmon and tuna are recommended for healthy weight loss. Weight loss is determined by calorie intake, and when you can lower your daily calorie consumption, you are bound to lose the extra weight. This concept is well used by many popular weight loss programs. For instance, Nutrisystem delivers diet meals that are low calorific, low fat, low sodium and are devoid of trans fats and saturated fats. The program claims to offer 2 lbs of weight loss per week if the recommended plan is followed appropriately. Subscribing to diet plans of Nutrisystem, one can get access to Nutrisystem coupon codes that help cost cutting.

Summary: Low Calorie or Low Fat

Low fat foods may sound very diet-friendly, but these are usually loaded with added sugar. These empty calories will only make you gain unnecessary weight. Most food manufacturers replace fats with sugar so as to ensure that the taste of the foods is not compromised. For fast and guaranteed weight loss, a little amount of fats in the daily diet is desirable. Walnuts, salmon and avocados are only some foods which can keep you feel satisfied while contributing to low calorie intake. However, even while eating the healthy fats, you need to practice moderation. Too much of healthy fats can cause weight gain if you do not watch the portions. When choosing between low calorie or low fat for weight loss, this author and many others choose Low Calorie. Read: How to use green tea for effective weight loss

Remember, each gram of FAT contains 9 calories, Carbohydrates and Proteins have 4 calories per gram. So, basically, eating more fat will add more calories. Search for a good diet that has complex carbohydrates and low fat protein. Nuts, legumes and omega 3’s are good fats. Just be careful of the amount of nuts consumed.

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