Maintaining a Healthy Weight at Work

Healthy Weight at Work

With the rise of the computer and the increase in the number of people working in offices rather than fields our society has also noticed another correlating increase – the one associated with our waistlines.

Serious decreases in activity as a result of sitting in an office chair for upwards of 40 hours per week has been linked to a rise in chronic illness in the United States, which has some pretty major consequences.

Add in doughnuts and other unhealthy food choices and it is no surprise that the sedentary workforce has a body mass index that is on average 3.3 times higher than their peers.

If you are one of many people that find yourself bound to the office chair, here are some quick tips to help you keep the pounds off and maintain a healthy weight at work.

Get Up And Go!

It is no joke that the number of citizens with chronic health conditions is on the rise, partially as a result of sedentary habits at work. Even taking small steps to increase your level of activity while you are at work can make a significant difference and give you a small energy boost to shake off the drowsiness that is regularly associated with hours sitting in a chair.

Park farther away:

Sure, if you can walk or bike to work that is a great alternative, but it just isn’t feasible for all of us. In that case, park farther away and add an extra minute or so of walking into the office.

Take the stairs:

Again, adding just a small amount of physical activity to your daily step counts can make a significant impact on your health. One study found that men who climbed 3-5 flights of stairs daily had a 29 percent decrease in their likelihood of stroke regardless of whether they exercised regularly.

Go for a walk:

Keeping blood flowing by getting up and moving every hour can make a serious difference in rejuvenating you as well as helping to maintain a trim waistline. To take it a step further, consider going for a short walk outside during your lunch break; it gives you a nice change of pace and offers time to build relationships with coworkers.

Healthy Weight At Work

Perhaps even more important than making sure you get some level of exercise during the day is taking the amount and type of food you eat into consideration. Because of the nature of your job you’re not moving around enough to burn the calories associated with really heavy meals. Eating healthier options will help reduce obesity risk.

Drink responsibly:

While in the office, it can be easy to forget that food is not the only contributor to calories; the things you drink are also a factor. Avoid soda and very sugary drinks, they’re bad for you and can contribute to energy crashes that occur in the afternoon. Rather, drink as much water as possible. It can be a distraction to boredom snacking and it keeps you hydrated and awake.

Bring your own food:

Going out to eat every day is another major way to tank any weight loss program in an office job because of generally unhealthy options and large portions. Since you’re not on your feet all day, taking into account the type of food you’re eating and how much of it is key to success. Plus, eating out regularly can end up being really expensive. Bringing your own lunch is a much better alternative because it allows you to choose exactly how healthy you eat, maintain portion control, and saves quite a bit of money overall. Read: Microsoft Band Review; Fitness Tracker

Be comfortable saying no:

It seems like every week someone is bringing treats into the office as a method of tempting you. According to research at Rutgers University, dilemmas associated with the self-control versus immediate benefits can be part of the reason people do things they otherwise wouldn’t. The study suggests that the best way to combat this is to anticipate temptation and consider how this temptation fits into your long-term goals. It might be difficult at first, but it is completely okay to say no to office sweets.

Addressing weight issues in the office space is a major factor to leading a happy and healthy life. Employees that are able to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the office are generally more energized and productive throughout the day. Furthermore, they are taking their long-term health into consideration. Following these few tips is a great start down the path to a healthy weight at work.

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