What You Need To Do Your 5k Running

5k Running

If you are new to running and trying to do the 0-5k you may be feeling overwhelmed by all the gear and the lingo that get thrown around by more experienced runners.

You may start wondering if you really need everything that most experienced runners talk about or if it is okay to start off with the basics.

This article will help you to understand what you need when you are getting started and what to add when tackling more miles.


Helpful running gear

There is much gear which is very helpful during running, and is very overwhelming. Below is a good breakdown of things that are helpful but not so necessary for the beginning runner.

· A running watch

This watch will assist you as a runner to keep your pace and encourage you to run faster. The watches can range from simple time x 1440 which cost around $20 to hundred dollar Garmin and has a GPS and some automatic splits. As a beginner if you want to get faster, then you will definitely need a watch to measure your pace and the progress.

· A Smartphone loaded with running apps

You can use this Smartphone in place of a watch. Any standard Smartphone works well and you will want to buy armband to hold the phone when you run. The armbands are available online on various sites or on the local running store. You might be interested in some apps such as run keeper or the daily mile if you are training on the 5k run. They will help you track your speed, progress and distance.

When running you will need some sort of fuel for the body. These might be in form of some simple carbohydrates which the system can easily absorb to keep your body energized and fueled to help you run longer. As a beginner you can try the energy gels which include the GU or the honey stringer packets are the candy like jellybeans or the gummy bears. Keep away from chocolate as this fat content might not work as well a sugary candy and may upset the stomach.

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A foam roller

This is an uncommon running gear but it is important for the beginners doing 0-5k run. The foam roller is a long tube which helps you to massage as well as stretch your muscles after the run, the foam roller will help breakup the lactic acid that is in your muscles. You should not carry your foam roller with you during the run as you will only use it after you are done running to help your body recover very fast.

The fun extras

As a runner there are so many things that one can have to make the running fun. When selecting your running clothing you can try selecting some sleeves which will give you a pick-me up on your runs and will keep your arms very warm especially when you do not feel like wearing the long sleeves.

One of the fun things which is recommended to adding fun in your running is some good music. When running with your Smartphone then load it with your favorite music. Running with good upbeat music will help you pace and give you extra edge to keep going.