Obesity – The tickling time bomb


Today, obesity is unanimously considered as one of the most serious chronic (long term) health problems and has almost become an epidemic.[obese people] It is believed that about two-thirds of men and women in 63 countries in five continents (excluding the US) were overweight or obese in a survey conducted in 2006.Therefore, it can be […]

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Easy Healthy Cooking California Style

Healthy Cooking

Easy healthy cooking is something we all have to learn at one point or another.  By learning how to cook healthy meals that are easy to prepare, you make sure that you feed your body well so that it gets all the nutrients it needs to lose weight and to stay in tiptop shape.  Knowing […]

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Top Six Ways to Make the Best of Weight Loss

Weight Loss

In the contemporary world, many people are struggling with weight loss issues.  Because of the danger that being overweight poses to our health, many individuals are willing to do what it takes to get rid of the extra pounds.Authors have also come up with numerous books and eBooks addressing various ways in which individuals can […]

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One Easy Step to Lose Weight

One Easy Step to Lose Weight

Now before you start reading, I know you’re thinking “come on, I’ve heard the ‘one easy step’ trick before”.  Well, I cannot promise you that this will give you the body of your dreams.  Nor will it produce that magical six-pack you see on infomercials.  What it WILL do is help you consume less calories, […]

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Does Proactol Work For Weight Loss? Clinical Studies

Proactol Work For Weight Loss

Obesity is of concern to many people around the world.  As more and more become obese, the incidence of many health related problems increases too.  Obesity raises the risk for health problems like type 2 diabetes, various types of cancer, and cardiovascular disease.  Obesity occurs when a person regularly consumes more energy than what is […]

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Weight Loss Potent Hoodia: How To Buy The Real Stuff

Weight Loss Potent Hoodia

Obesity is ubiquitous and its expense immense. The monetary cost is $147 billion annually according to last year’s study by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. Worse still is the toll obesity takes on those who suffer from it. The risk of cardiovascular disease, sleep disorders, cancer, and diabetes all increase dramatically while life […]

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Facts and Benefits of Organic Cooking

Organic Cooking

Organic cooking has grown to be very popular.  But finding the way thru the maze of organic terms and advantages and disadvantages can be confusing. Is organic food in reality healthier? Is it really more nutritious? Should I use organic cooking oil? What are organic cooking recipes? This guide can assist you to make informed choices about […]

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Loose Weight Fast – With Green Coffee

Green Coffee

I have just come across a great product, whereby you can lose weight by drinking one cup of coffee per day.  As we have all been looking at Coffee Makers and are great fans of Coffee, then this is good news.  Although it is an instant coffee, we only need one per day and the […]

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5 Tropical Desserts You Will Enjoy in San Diego

Tropical Desserts

It’s not uncommon to find a tropical dessert or two served after a meal in San Diego.  There are a number of reasons behind this. Among these is the fact that California’s climate is so suitable to growing tropical fruits.  This gives San Diego easy access to fresh ingredients for tropical dessert recipes.  Another reason […]

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Enjoy These 5 Guilt-Free Healthy Desserts

Healthy Desserts

Most sweets and other treats are off-limits if you are going for a heart-healthy, low calorie diet.  If you want to continue enjoying these delectables, you just have to choose carefully by going for easy yet healthy desserts.High fat content like whipped toppings, butter, icing, and other saturated fat can cause high cholesterol levels in […]

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