How to Win Over Food Cravings

Food Cravings

It was one of those days when you’re feeling pretty proud of yourself—and, food cravings.  How to Win Over Food Cravings: you have every reason to. Ever since you started on a diet program you found online, you’ve been pretty much on track. It has been 10 days—10 days of strictly following the diet.  And then […]

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Struggling With Diet And Exercise? How To Meet Your Goals

Diet And Exercise

More people than ever before are taking steps to lead healthier lifestyles, starting with diet and exercise improvements.  Yet, for a person who has an already hectic work and personal life, it can be too easy to coast through the drive-thru line at a local fast-food joint to fill up on greasy burgers and sugary […]

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Walking To Lose Weight Will Surprise You

Walking To Lose Weight

It is going to surprise you to know that walking to lose weight is one of best ways in which you can keep yourself slim and trim, while keeping your weight problem under control.  Now, for all those people who were under the impression that there is some magic solution out there which is going […]

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How Not To Gain Weight During Holidays

Not To Gain Weight During Holidays

During the holiday season, it is believed that people gain anywhere from maintain weight holidays.   However, the true weight that is gained is one pound on average.  It is important to note, though, that those who gain this extra weight are likely to keep it.  This consistent holiday weight gain usually ends up contributing to weight gain […]

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3 Main Aspects to Consider in Selecting Food Supplements

Food Supplements

There are over thousand brands of food supplements in the market, many claiming to be the “best” in the market.  That is why we need to consider below 3 main aspects while selecting food supplements. [toc] 1) Are the food supplements safe to take?This is the most important aspect to look at if you want […]

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7 Easy Steps to a Healthy Diet

Healthy Diet

My friend and I talk about health a lot.  But I couldn’t believe what he said to me the other day…  “When you come over, we can go shopping and you can show me how it’s done”.  Uh? Brain freeze! That came as a bit of a shock to me! What could be easier? You […]

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Weight Loss Liars compete for your Money!

Weight Loss Liars

The United States Government is currently suing over 90 companies to get them to stop selling and/or advertising their weight loss products. Why? Because those companies make claims about their products’ ability to produce weight loss that are absolutely false. The astounding part of this information (to me) is that there are so many companies (90) that attempt […]

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Getting the Most for Least payment on Exercise Equipments

Exercise Equipments

You might think to invest some exercise equipments and related accessories when you are about to start a program for weight loss.  Anyhow, you might face a big challenge if you decide to buy some exercise equipments, simply because the overwhelming selections make it extremely difficult to know which one to select and buy.After all, […]

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