Heart Rate Monitor Reviews

Heart Rate Monitor

Want to supercharge your training? Strapping on a good and stylish heart rate monitor is the way to go about it. With a chest strap heart rate monitor, you not only get accurate stats, but also allows you to set heart rate training in specific zones improving on the efficiency of your regime. Companies are […]

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Treadmill And Their Variations Treadmills differ in not only in their designs but also in their uses. Different designs are meant for different users depending on their preferences and characteristics. The different variations result in difference in prices of the treadmills. However, there is a common rule in the treadmill market that states that the […]

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Best Running Gear for Cold Weather

Running Gear

Would you like to be healthier, fitter physically in 2016? Are you thinking of taking on running, taking it to the next level or merely keeping up? To be able to achieve your running goals in 2016, aside from strong will power, what you require is the right running kit. That means something that you […]

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Ladies And Gentlemen, The GPS Watch – What Does it Do?

GPS Watches Experience

Who, at this day and age, still don’t know what global positioning system technology is, or what it can do? Well if you find yourself scratching your head in search for an answer, you’re probably more familiar with how it’s commonly called: the GPS, and this baby gets its extreme monitoring capability from twenty four […]

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GPS Watches

GPS Running Watches

GPS, global positioning system, is a satellite-based navigation system made up of 24 satellites. Originally it was developed for the military purposes but later on the government made it publically available. GPS devices help in locating and approaching certain point or position easily. GPS watches are specifically designed for sports and fitness purposes. These help […]

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Health Benefits Of Running Barefoot

Running Barefoot

Walking barefoot works by reawakening a light that we get as a result of our feet touching the ground. There are less effects and some joints torque than in the shoes. Walking barefoot reawakens the muscles which have atrophied in the shoes. It also reawakens the nerve endings as well as our balance system stimulating […]

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Fitbit Charge Review

Fitbit Charge

Fitbit Charge is one of the latest fitness trackers from Fitbit. Well, Fitbit is a market leader in the fitness band market as it has approximately over 66.67% market share. It is their best product in the everyday fitness category. So, you can expect world class quality and performance from this band. Now, let’s take […]

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Fitness Apps for Girls on the Go

Fitness Apps for Girls

Smartphones can do just about everything form editing selfies to directing us to the newest and amazing bars and restaurants for a refill. In fact, these devices are effective tools that help organize our lives and sticking to our objectives. At every start of a new year, we all make resolutions to restore our fitness […]

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Logging Distance and Speed With a GPS Watch

GPS Watch

Back in the day, people were quite contented with tracking their progress through their own guesstimate as they run for an hour around the park or the neighborhood. The only tool they needed: Their trusty old watch. When they’re done, they’ll head home, take a rest, maybe go on the internet to see if they […]

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