Best Free Apps for Runners

Apps for Runners

It is undeniable that every aspect of our lives has been affected by technology. Running is not a new sport and currently, cutting-edge devices and programs have been invented with the aim of improving the running experience. One top technological innovation that has transformed the way we run by making more enjoyable is the mobile […]

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Common Mistakes Using Treadmill

Mistakes Using Treadmill

There are several benefits to using the treadmill for your physical exercise. Some of these benefits include protections against unsafe running conditions. When using your treadmill indoors, although the risks of injuries are lower than outdoor running, at most care and proper use of the machine must be adhered to if the risks of injuries […]

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What Is The Best GPS Unit To Use When Running?

GPS Unit

 Just when you thought it’s easy, you come across a myriad of GPS watches to choose from, each one looking better than the last. But as a runner, how do you know you’ll be choosing the one that’s right for you? The one that will fit your lifestyle? We’ve rounded up some of the best […]

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Calories – How Does it work?


A calorie is a unit of heat that represents the amount of energy you gain from the intake of the respective food; this is a very general definition we all have made. Technically calorie means the amount of energy it takes to bring 1 gram of water to 1 degree Celsius, but let’s just now […]

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know the taxonomy of your treadmill

Treadmill Cardio Workout

Treadmills are made of several moving parts. These parts are designed to work in harmony offering you a comfortable and effective workout machine. The treadmill primarily is composed of an electronically controlled conveyer belt. The belt, on which your feet come in contact with, is designed to move backwards. This therefore necessitated the need for […]

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Garmin Fenix 2: The Qualities of the Best Training Watch

Garmin Fenix

Using the ideal watch to cater to your fitness schedule is the best thing that an athlete can have. Finally, experts have manufactured a watch that you can use for any activity that you are into. Fenix 2 by Garmin offers the flexibility and quality of training with advanced devices. Choose from their high-sensitivity GPS […]

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How to maintain after weight loss?

maintain after weight loss

First time in your life you lost major quantity of your weight excess and you are extremely afraid to gain them back. Even if you want, you don’t have time to keep following the program that helped you, to improve it and to go more, beyond own limits in muscle gains. All you want is […]

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How to stay motivated with weight loss

stay motivated with weight loss

Before indulging in anything to attain significant weight loss, the first thing we must consider is our decision. As soon as you are reading this, you already decided or want to so here is one simple, general photo pallet with mind quotes, we update regularly which should give you a hand in each moment of […]

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How to use green tea for effective weight loss

green tea for effective weight loss

All burning substances forms dissolve in the water, making a final tea drink with potent biological effects and unavoidable part of weight loss diet. Powerful antioxidants called catechins are the most important and their effect is even stronger when exercising. Any diet and exercise plan for weight loss should contain special accent on usage of […]

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Why your weight loss attempts do not work

weight loss attempts

We are all, soon or later, confused about ideal weight we should target for ourselves. More than that, we got stuck with a whole ocean of training & diet plans for weight loss that, even could work but, we don’t get equal desired results in our appearance like someone else. The scale number and BMI(Body […]

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