What People Are Saying About Their GPS Watches Experience

GPS Watches Experience

Not everybody’s got their own GPS watch—yet.

But it won’t be long until even the laziest person on earth is going to want one, and that watch alone is going to be reason enough for them to want to get back into shape.

Because that’s just the effect of a GPS watch.

It propels people to do more, it pushes them to break new records, at the same time letting them know when they should stop.


Track It

Most of the people who own GPS watches are runners, and they use them to keep track of their distance, speed and pace, as well as cadence.

However, there also are GPS units out there that have multiple features and can store a ton more information which are heavily needed by athletes who are more serious in their training, such as  triathletes, who we all know are very particular with the gear they use in training themselves. GPS watches are pretty nifty accessories that can more than serve its purpose for these folks.

This tool can be used in any kind of sport—whether you’re into running, biking, hiking, or doing water sports such as kayaking and swimming, just to mention a few. We’re also used to golfers wearing them on their wrists—it’s a very good device to measure precision and accuracy when on (and off) the course.

The verdict? Comfortable and precise.


Feel It

 There are a lot of GPS watch units out there that are equipped with HRMs (heart rate monitors) and calorie counters. Though these features seem highly advanced, it’s quite typical for one GPS watch to come with them. You might expect it to be a little more pricey compared to the ones with only the basic features, but they’re pretty handy especially to those who are pretty serious with their weight loss.

You see, heart rate monitors keep track of your heart rate to know if you’re pushing yourself too hard or if you can push yourself a little bit more. This feature has actually saved the lives of countless people in the past, and are still continuing to do so by showing them how to maintain a healthy, steady heart rate among its users. With an HRM in a GPS watch, adjustments are easier to do.

Calorie counters are great for when you want to know how many calories you have already burned in an hour with the pace you currently have. This allows people to achieve their maximum weight loss capacity at any given time. Some calorie counters can also count how many calories you have consumed in a meal, something that not all people are too thrilled to have, but feel they need to.

The Verdict? Dependable and accurate.

Navigate It

A GPS watch is, first and foremost, a watch equipped with a GPS receiver which will allow you to find out where you are or what your position is from any point in the world. This is made possible by a network of satellites all orbitting around the earth, and are capable of sending signals to the receiver at the exact same time.

All in all, there are twenty four satellites equipped to do the job. You don’t need all twenty four of them working for you when you need accurate information for tracking purposes—you only need about three or four of them.

There also are GPS watches for children and intellectually disabled individuals. Because a watch is very convenient and secure to wear, it’s only fitting for them to have one in case they get lost in the future. This makes it easier to find them.

People who are intellectually challenged have a tendency to wander without knowing how they can find their way back. The same goes for children. This device is paired with a transmitter that you turn on to home in on the receiver.

The verdict? Convenient and an absolute necessity for most parents.

These are what people are saying about their GPS watches experience. The verdict? There is no reason for you not to have one.

If you’re worried about the price, there are some pretty cheap ones under a hundred dollars that are still of very good quality. The key is in making sure you do your research well. There are a lot of websites which you can find honest-to-goodness reviews of GPS watches. Best for you to start reading up now. Good luck!