Struggling With Diet And Exercise? How To Meet Your Goals

Diet And Exercise

More people than ever before are taking steps to lead healthier lifestyles, starting with diet and exercise improvements.

Yet, for a person who has an already hectic work and personal life, it can be too easy to coast through the drive-thru line at a local fast-food joint to fill up on greasy burgers and sugary soda.

Fitting in healthy eating and regular exercise becomes an even bigger challenge if you are a parent or caregiver. It seems like everyone else comes first.

Unfortunately, with this kind of lifestyle, your body begins to respond by packing on the pounds and low energy.

Over time, you may begin to find it hard to fit into your favorite jeans, to do the activities you enjoy, and even your health can start to suffer in a big way.

For the over 1.4 billion people over the age of 20 who are morbidly obese worldwide, an early death is a very real risk.

You don’t have to be a statistic. End the diet and exercise struggle with these helpful tips to get back on track and meet your weight loss and heath goals this year.

Realistic Goal Setting

The world-respected Mayo Clinic advises that to be successful in a weight loss and health journey, you should focus on, “Setting goals that are within your capabilities and that take into account your limitations.” In other words, don’t drastically change your diet or take on a 5K run in the first week of your wellness goals. Instead, set small and achievable goals so you can get the positive reinforcement each week to continue on your diet and exercise journey.

Farmers’ Markets and Co-Ops

Did you know that in many towns there are seasonal farmers’ markets and organic co-ops that can make your new diet plan easier to manage? Visit a local fruit and vegetable stand and you’ll not only gain access to locally grown produce, but you can also save a great deal of money buying directly from farmers vs. the grocery store. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to eat a healthy diet, and some co-ops even deliver to your door each month.

Diet and Exercise Support Groups

Instead of cruising to the local burger palace, why not stop at a few of the fitness centers and gyms on your way home from the office? Chances are, there are some programs that interest you and meet your current physical and emotional needs. You may even be able to find support groups of people who also want to live healthier lives through diet and exercise.

Employee Wellness Programs

Due to health care reform in America and a general awareness of healthier living in other nations, many more workplaces are putting emphasis on wellness services, like those offered by Aligned Modern Health, as a way to reduce workplace ills. Your employer may already have a corporate wellness program in place or planned. In addition, most private health insurance companies offer incentives and discounts for healthy living. Ask your human resource director how you can get help for reaching your diet and exercise goals.

Get Your Friends and Family On Board

A powerful way to reach your diet and exercise goals is by verbalizing your intent on your social media networks and in person. Ask others to support you by not eating candy and junk in front of you. Ask them to hold you accountable for your fitness goals each week. Get others to join you in fun outdoor activities, like biking and group sports.Read: How to lose weight in 30 days

Remember, you only get one body in this lifetime. Make sure you take care of it and change your future for the better. Over time, your diet and exercise goals won’t seem so hard to reach and you will have a brand new outlook.

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