The Untold Power Of The Subconscious Mind

Subconscious Mind

Subconscious mind is an essential part all us.

There are many who even blame their unscrupulous doings on their subconscious minds.

However there are only few who truly understand the subconscious mind & its amazing powers & abilities.

This amazingly potent instrument can become our biggest ally or the most dangerous adversary. Interestingly your life & your circumstances are all governed by your subconscious mind. Many people still don understand the true meaning the subconscious mind & its significance our lives.

Despite the best efforts some professionals we all acknowledge the subconscious mind. It is the mind within the mind. It is the control board that directs our actions & our thoughts.

It is the voice your head that you hear when you are faced with difficult or challenging situation. The script that our subconscious speaks to us is as unique as each individual the world. Your subconscious mind not the same as mine.

Even if we were raised the same house under the same circumstances with the same parents. Your inner voice is just that is yours.

All us have had encounters with our inner or subconscious mind. In times distress & confusion or when you were about to take decision which could destroy your life your subconscious mind helped you to realize what you were actually doing. It made you weigh the pros & cons your decision & made you choose the right path. Nevertheless there are times that many people are told that they aren really up to the mark or are not good enough or not handsome or beautiful enough. In other words subconscious is nothing but your deepest feelings about yourself.

The kind life you are leading is direct result your subconscious feelings & attitude. This means that you can actually make your life beautiful by reprogramming your subconscious mind. When you reprogram your inner most feelings you actually start attracting the life you want. So the best part about this process is that the power to change your subconscious thoughts & attitude & eventually your life is completely your hands.

Many people use affirmations to help change the way they think. These are positive statements that you repeat to yourself multiple times through the day. You don have to spend lot money on subliminal messaging scripts you can do this yourself at home & is very effective. Think about what is you want to change about yourself.

For example you want to lose weight. Instead thinking you are fat repeat to yourself that you are your perfect weight. On piece paper you can write down the same phrase & carry your pocket you can tap to the mirror make ring tone out & make screensaver at work. The point is to repeat the message enough that the subconscious mind picks up on the fact that this is what you think & what needs to be thinking.

With this example you will start to notice that you will become your ideal weight. If you use affirmations to increase money you will fact have more money. You can apply this to anything your life. It is possible. Perhaps you don believe me.

Your mind affects your life & here is an illustration to prove this fact. Lets assume that you sleep till late one day & then when you get up you see the watch & sigh oh its going to be one those tough days. Accidents start happening your shower doesn work your coffee spills & messes your best dress & the office there are more accidents which make you think I was right today is tough day

Skeptics may call coincidence but truly speaking coincidences are nothing but misnomers. Every thing that happens to us is attracted to us by out thoughts & subconscious mind which just manifests things which we think about.

Recently movies & books on this subject like the The Secret have given more scientific backing & made people aware their subconscious thinking & how its shaping their lives up. It actually creates the reality we are living & that is all conference with our inner most beliefs.

Crazy as this seems quantum physics is agreement with this basic theory & has been proved that at subatomic level the existence matter really is intrinsically linked with the mind the observer. This is also what the ancient religions have been saying for many thousands years. Read: Jogging Tips For Beginners to Lose Weight

People who have tapped the power the subconscious mind have also been able to change their reality according to their desires. For example people who wanted wealth have known that visualization & firm innermost beliefs can only make them achieve their dreams & as result have become some the wealthiest people the world due to their subconscious mind.

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