Weight Loss Liars compete for your Money!

Weight Loss Liars

The United States Government is currently suing over 90 companies to get them to stop selling and/or advertising their weight loss products.


Because those companies make claims about their products’ ability to produce weight loss that are absolutely false.

The astounding part of this information (to me) is that there are so many companies (90) that attempt to sell weight loss products that do not work.

Why is the number so high?

The answer to that question may tell you something about America. It may also give you crucial information about yourself that will be essential to your ability to lose your unwanted pounds and keep them off, plus save you hundreds of dollars in the process.

I assume that most of my readers are at least somewhat weight-challenged and want to shed that weight and then stay trim forever. 

I also assume that many of you have already tried one or more of the products mentioned above and been very disappointed by the results.

I hope that I can give you some guidance today that will protect you from weight loss liars and also help you learn to identify the programs that actually work (yes, they do exist).

Now back to the question: Why do so many companies sell bogus weight loss products?

Simple answer: Because we buy them at a record rate. Americans spend millions of their hard-earned dollars each week on weight loss programs and processes, most of them inadequate to the task.

Slightly more complicated answer: We desperately want to believe there is an easy way to lose weight so we are suckers for bogus promises and hype. It does not take a rocket scientist to recognize this fact, therefore anyone with a vaguely creative gimmick can produce a product and expect to make money, sometimes a lot of it, in a short period of time.

The key lesson for each of us to confront is in the sentence "we desperately want to believe." Anyone who feels this way is a prime target for the bogus weight loss salesman. They only need one or two testimonials and a few essential words (see below) and we are standing in line, credit cards in hand.

I assume you agree with me so far, so let’s get to the important point here: How do you protect yourself from weight loss scams? Here are a few guidelines that will help you identify and/or protect yourself.

How to Protect Yourself from Weight Loss Liars

Guideline One. Admit and accept the fact that meaningful weight loss (more than 10 pounds) is never, ever going to be easy. The greater the poundage to be lost, the greater the work required. No exceptions.

Guideline Two. Admit that you are looking for the easy way out on this. Come on, admit it! We all want an easy path to drop 10 to 100 pounds overnight and with no effort. I did, and you do, and that is a fact. When you admit the truth it has less control over your actions, so admit it and get on with your search for a legitimate program.

Guideline Three. Any product or program that uses the words "easy, simple, fast" over and over is bogus. You can tell this right away in the advertising. It will blatantly appeal to your desperation and gullibility and promise a no hassle, fast and easy weight loss.

Guideline Four. Any company that advocates one item or technique alone for weight loss is bogus. This is a crucial point. Real weight loss that is sustained long-term requires a combination of techniques, changes, tools and guidance. No one product can do the job, ever. Read: How to lose weight in 30 days

If you follow all four guidelines above you will save quite a bit of money, but more importantly, you will protect yourself from disappointment and confusion that occurs when a bogus product or plan fails to produce.

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