Why Choose A Treadmill


Winter is beckoning.

The chilly icy weather that keeps everyone and locked up in their houses.

 No more morning jogs as the roads are icy and slippery and the temperatures too do not favor your treasured routine.

The result is that you will mostly likely miss the jog. This is the situation with most people during the winter season.

Nobody moves out for their exercises. Nobody will commute to the gym. Some will even postpone their physical exercises till the end of the winter season.

Fortunately, you will not have to do this next winter. Thanks to the treadmill, you can easily have your daily jog indoors and at a time convenient to you.

Over the time, treadmills have proved to be very effective as a means of exercises and keeping fit.

Whether you want to shed that extra weight or you simply want to stay fit, the treadmill will do just that for you.

The results are almost guaranteed provided that you use the machine well. Compared to other form of exercising, the treadmill is much safer. You do not have to deal with icy and slippery surfaces of dark roads.

Treadmills are much gentler on your feet and joints that the hard tarmac roads. Another major advantage of using a treadmill is that it knows no bad weather. Be it sunshine, snow or storms, you have no excuse to miss your treadmill run.


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Being and indoor gym machine, treadmill allows you to work out in controlled temperatures. You do not have to freeze yourself in the winter chill. The treadmill is by default a winter workout machine. It allows you to boost your fitness regardless of the weather outside. This beloved workout machine does not consume much energy to operate. If need be, you can purchase one that requires your energy to move the belt.

Treadmills offer a convenient way to keep your health and fitness in check. Treadmill come in numerous designs and different level of sophistication from which to choose from. The more sophisticated the treadmill is the better the performance and the more you will have to spend on it. There are enough designs with different price tags to suit everyone’s budget. There is no excuse to miss your run this winter season. Stay fit round the calendar with a home installed treadmill and it will keep you and your family away from cardiac diseases.

Things Consider When Purchasing A Treadmill

Nowadays, choosing to purchase a cardiac workout machine membership in a local gym is becoming quite commonamong the health and fitness concerned individuals. Staying fit helps keep away several cardiac related problems. As such, most people take to exercise to avoid this risk. While a good number of people will still consider signing up at a local gym, others will purchase their own machineries and have their exercises at home.Treadmills are a favorite for most of these individuals and it is undoubtedly a wise choice. However, purchasing a treadmill, whether from a local store or online stores, you will need to be versed with what exactly makes a good treadmill. This article discus several factors you must keep in mind when making your purchase.

A cushion, the soft absorbent layer usually installed under the belt is one of the things you must look at when making your purchase. Then cushion purpose is to reduce the impact of your feet on the machine and is usually made of rubber. The cushion must be level to secure ligament and spine when working with the machine. If the cushion is not level, this makes it uncomfortable to use the machine and may result in injuries. However, with proper cushioning, it is possible to do long hours of exercising without any discomfort or risk of injuries.

Your treadmill’s motor is another factor you must take note of keenly. Manufacturers will usually rate the motors according to their HP or CHP. A stronger motor will support much heavier persons and last longer that those with wimpy motors. Usually, for most motors, the HP or their Horsepower will range in between 1.5HP to 3.0HP

Remember to check the belt dimension of your treadmill. The belt is a very pivotal part of your machine. A treadmill will have either a single ply or a 2ply belt. You are highly recommended to go for the 2ply belt with a minimum width of 17ins of the belt surface. If you intend to use your treadmill for jogging, a 60ins belt is recommended for you while 48ins is recommended for walking.

Before you fall in love with your new cardiac workout machine, ensure to check its warranty. The longer your machine's warranty is the better it is for you. Ask your dealer to guide you through the process of selecting a treadmill for you. In most cases, your dealer will be well informed about the technical bit of each machine and can offer you worthwhile advice.


Treadmill for the unforgettable Christmas gift

The holiday shopping season is here again. Each year it seems to come earlier and with a heightened frenzy that the previous year. Shopping for gifts shopping for gift can be quite a challenging thing for most of us. Gifts are intended to show our friends that we care and value them as part of our life. As such, giving your friend a gift that would not only bring happiness in their lives but also improve on their health is a wise choice. Nobody wants to see his or her friends sick. As such, gracing their Christmas this year with a treadmill would be a perfect thought.

As more and more people become weary with the need to keep up with the exercises, treadmill and other workout equipment and machineries have topped the list of gifts for most individuals across the globe. Whichever physical activity we undertake adds value to our lives by improving our health status. Unfortunately, not so many people indulge in these activities due to lack of time. No one wants to commute to a gym after work. Most can even find time since there is already too much work to do. The alternative is the home gym.

Treadmills offer a great chance for jogging, walking, and running indoors. This suits the needs of any individual who either lacks time to visit a local gym or is too occupied in their work. With a treadmill, you can easily have some physical exercises at a time convenient to you. This would make a perfect gift to a working parent or friend and give them a chance to keep fit and healthy.

Ensure you are well knowledgeable about treadmills when, purchasing them as a gift. The least you want a treadmill for a gift that just will not meet your friend needs or suitable for them. You might also have to train them a bit on its use and maintenance if they are new to them. Treadmills are common workout machines in most homes. One of the main reasons why most people prefer them to other workout machines is their ease of use and space requirements. Walking, by far, is the best exercise. Anyone can do it. With a treadmill installed at home, you can easily take a 5km jog or more indoors at a time convenient to you. Get it as a gift for you and your friends and help them burn the extra cholesterol gathered over the Christmas holidays.